Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda and the exclusivity that goes with it is great for creators. However, players get the shorter end of the stick.

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda Softworks was a huge shock to the gaming community. For years, company titles like Ancient documents Y Fall They have been multiplatform. However, with the reveal that the upcoming Bethesda title, Starfield, it will be an Xbox exclusive, many fans were beginning to feel validated in their concerns. Console exclusivity may benefit creators, but gamers are often at a disadvantage.

For years, companies like Naughty Dog have published exclusive content for Sony, from Crash Bandicoot to Unexplored. But the main difference between that team and Bethesda is that the company started with Sony and continues to work alongside it. That is not the case with Bethesda. However, while these limitations pose a problem for the gaming community, the exclusivity of the console is really a great thing for developers.

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As AAA titles evolve, their development takes longer. However, as the release date approaches, this often means that developers have to work even harder to meet the deadline, exhausting the process. Most video games experience crises, but some of that heat is relieved for developers with the exclusivity of the console. This is largely due to funding provided by publishers, which allows even more employees to work on a project. Now, with enough hands to handle every problem, more quality games can be released without the same stress on developers.

The exclusivity of the console also usually guarantees the longevity of the game franchises. Studios like 343 Industries, which works in the aura series, they have been given plenty of time to complete a new trilogy for Master Chief. Despite the long development cycles, the quality of the games can be prioritized because the publisher has faith in the developer, the series and has a large financial investment. The case is the same for Naughty Dog The last of us Y Unexplored franchises. The key to success in game development is time, and thanks to the exclusivity of the console, developers have plenty of time to tell a long story and improve gameplay in all installments.

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But when developers have more than enough time and funds to create these games, they come at a cost to the player. When the games are available on all platforms, players have the flexibility to enjoy the title where it makes the most sense to them. However, with exclusive games, players must purchase an entirely new console to enjoy these marquee experiences. This is not so terrible with new franchises, but it can become a hassle with long-running series. A great example is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Initially, the first two games were cross-platform. But since the third installment is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, many fans were unable to enjoy the adventure.

Console exclusivity supports AAA development as it grows and evolves over time. It also helps employ more creators who deserve the opportunity to make their mark in the industry. But, it becomes more difficult for gamers to enjoy these games if it means buying another console. Sadly, all great ideas come with a give and take. In this case, the take can sometimes be a difficult pill for players to swallow.

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