Loki introduced some new time travel rules thanks to the Time Variance Authority, but it’s starting to complicate things a bit in the MCU.

Loki highlights how confusing the new Marvel Cinematic Universe time travel is. The God of Mischief has found his way to a new time travel puzzle in his eponymous Disney + series. On Avengers Endgame, Loki (circa 2012) took over the Tesseract and disappeared, becoming a variant in the eyes of the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic organization responsible for keeping the flow of time. Weather Endgame set the rules of time travel in the MCU, Loki makes things a little more complicated.

On Loki In the third episode, he and Sylvie are teleported to Lamentis, a moon that was in the midst of apocalyptic destruction. The TVA did not follow them there because they are caught dealing with Sylvie bombing the holy timeline. However, what is more confusing is how the TVA itself works within the timeline. Their real-time appearances after a nexus event, which occurs when someone or something strays too far from the Time Keepers’ plans, is meant to limit any damage done to the Sacred Timeline due to how unstable it can be. for natural flow. of events. However, the Avengers can go back to the exact moment they left in Avengers Endgame without causing damage to the Holy Timeline. The TVA explains why it is better to remove the variant the further it goes from the nexus to avoid implosion of the timeline, but sets the rules for Endgame’s time travel is even more complicated.

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Loki suggests that there is only one sacred timeline, which also makes Captain America’s return to the past even more puzzling. By all accounts, his extra time travel should have created an alternate timeline, one that the TVA is supposed to prune, but it’s somehow fine with the Time-Keepers. According to the TVA, the Avengers going back in time were meant to happen and therefore not a diversion. What is unclear is how the TVA reaches its conclusions regarding what is and is not intended to be a reorganization of the timeline. What constitutes the Sacred Timeline and why does it need protection? For the TVA, being late for work could cause a possible divergence, but the Avengers can jump to various points in time without consequence. The explanation of “it is what it is” through the Time-Keepers does not exactly hold.

Loki and Sylvie in episode 3

The more the rules are explored, the more complicated time travel and variation seem to get. If there is only one timeline, it also makes the existence of another variant of Loki, one with a completely different backstory, even more mysterious and confusing. It implies a multiverse, and not just a specific timeline, that already exists and that’s where Sylvie originated from. Then there’s the TVA itself – its employees are revealed to be variants, but they are also responsible for pulling others off the timeline. Why is it okay that they exist, but not other timeline variants? It blows the idea that other variants are a threat to the Holy Timeline out of the window.

Ultimately, there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason why some things are allowed and some are not. As with all science fiction TV shows or movies that use time travel, keeping up with all its rules and changes can become a headache. As you work within the constraints of time travel, things will certainly get complicated as they create paradoxes and other complications. Loki It has added a plethora of new rules to think about. While some of this can get confusing, the MCU has never been overly concerned with details and the more time travel is employed the less reliant on the rules it is likely to become.

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Rick Sanchez is arrested by TVA in Loki Crossover Art

Rick Sanchez is arrested by TVA in Rick & Morty / Loki Crossover Art

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