A change to the Marvel’s Avengers roadmap added the permanent ability for players to choose duplicate heroes after the original limited event.

An updated roadmap for the future Marvel Avengers The content was released on June 24, detailing new content and features for the game, including the highly requested ability for players to choose duplicate heroes. Marvel Avengers is the live version of the live service video game from publisher Square Enix on the widely popular Wonderful comic and film universe. The game first launched on August 14, 2020 to divisive reviews following negative reactions to the previously released demo, with criticism primarily directed at the game’s focus on microtransactions and a lack of content beyond the game’s story mode.

During the last year since the game was released, Marvel Avengers has started to implement some of the promised content from the original roadmap, most recently granting players Operation: Hawkeye Future Imperfect in March, the Tachyon Anomaly in April, the Red Room takeover in May, and the cosmic cube in June. Despite all the new content being released to the game to appease fans, some features promised since the game’s launch are not yet available to players, such as the controversial playable hero Spider-Man exclusive to the Playstation, which to this day Today’s still not a part of the game’s official roadmap even though it was promised from before the game’s release almost a year ago. With each new release, it seems like the game takes one step forward and two steps back, combining new content with questionable decisions like blocking MCU skins for heroes behind a paywall.

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According to the revised roadmap published on June 24, PlayAvengers On Twitter, players will soon be able to play as any combination of heroes, meaning that fans will not be excluded from their preferred character, even if that character is already in the current group. This change is slated to launch alongside the Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion expansion in July, which also adds multiplayer Mega Hives and more outfits inspired by it. Wonderful Cinematic universe. This feature was previously introduced at the Tachyon event for a limited time, but due to its popularity coupled with fan clamor, it is finally becoming a permanent feature. It is important to note that this is only a roadmap that can change at any time, so this is not a definitive release window for the content listed.

Another recent change to the roadmap is a mission-type delay to the game’s Patrol mode, pushing the fan-anticipated feature from its summer release window to sometime after the new War for Wakanda expansion in August. . This change marks another delay in the developer’s shaky handling of roadmap content, in part due to the ongoing pandemic that has slowed development across the games industry. The exact release date for the July content update is currently unknown, but more details should be announced as it gets closer.

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Despite receiving a lot of criticism since its launch, regular content updates are still in development for the infamous live service game in an effort to add, keep, or bring players back to the experience, as games like this depend on only from the number of recurring players. in your economy by spending money on the game and its content. It is because of this dependency that other live service games have been disappearing in recent years. Many skeptical gamers are counting down the days until this title follows suit due to delays and questionable decisions that seem to make the game worse. While there are many waiting for the game to collapse in on itself, others are hoping that Marvel Avengers you can successfully deliver on the content promised in the roadmap and get off the ground before it’s too late.

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