Take a closer look at Taskmaster and his army of ruthless widows in the latest trailer for Marvel’s Black Widow, which finally arrives in two weeks.

The mysterious bad boy Taskmaster and his army of widows have a new look in the latest version Black widow trailer. After taking years to meet and being delayed multiple times by the coronavirus pandemic, Marvel Studios’ Black widow is just under two weeks away from its theatrical release and on Disney +. Scarlett Johansson returns for what will likely be her last MCU outing as Natasha Romanoff in a prequel set between Captain America: Civil War Y Avengers: infinity war. With Natasha on the run after the fight over the Sokovia Accords, she returns to her murderous roots to finally destroy Black Widow’s training program.

Although Natasha will have some allies in the form of her spy family, they will all face formidable opponents. The most prominent is Taskmaster, a leader within the Red Room who has the ability to perfectly mimic someone’s fighting style. Taskmaster has been front and center in several Black widow promotional materials, however, his true identity remains a secret. Marvel has been quiet about who plays him, although fans have a lot of theories. The Black widow Trailers have confirmed that Taskmaster will take on Natasha and Alexei Shostakov (David Harbor) in some exciting action scenes.

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Marvel Entertainment has launched a new promotion for Black widow, and reveals more about Taskmaster and his widows. Titled “Control,” the trailer sees Natasha receiving a full rundown of Taskmaster from Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh). In addition, there are new shots of the melee fights that the heroes will have with the masked villain. Check it out below.

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Although Taskmaster thus far appears to be Black widowThe main antagonist, the widows under his control should not be underestimated. A recent Black widow The clip showed the efforts of the Red Room agents to catch Natasha and Yelena, and it is clear that they are not easy to evade. In other words, Natasha will have a lot of work ahead of her in this new adventure. What makes the whole conflict all the more poignant is knowing that Natasha was once in the place of these widows; she understands what they’re going through.

The MCU has a spotty track record with villains, but Taskmaster and the ruthless Widows could make a big impact if their story turns out to be as riveting as it seems right now. Audiences have been waiting a long time to see Natasha take on them in Black widow, and fortunately the wait is almost over. As the first Marvel Phase 4 movie, there is a lot of anticipation at stake. Black widow; hopefully it will live up to all expectations when it arrives in July.

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