It is not alone Loki which explores the concept of variants. Upcoming Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Flash movies seem to want a piece of the multiverse pie. Now that the variants are all the rage, it’s worth taking a look at the Adult Swim program that best executes this concept: Rick and morty.

On Rick and morty, there is The Citadel of Ricks, where Ricks and Mortys of parallel dimensions come together to form a living, breathing society. Endless, often bizarre versions of the title characters coexist in this nexus of advanced civilization. Now that Season 5 has premiered, we’ll take a look at some of the best Mortys the multiverse has to offer so far.

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7. Big Morty

Big Morty pays the cops

Big Morty runs the show at The Creepy Morty, a seedy watering hole where Mortys looking to have a good time come to watch other Mortys dance. Big Morty sports a ’70s pornstache, calls people “Bubbala” and has a pair of muscular Mortys flanked by his side. Police officer Morty tells his rookie partner: “Think of him as a ‘drug dealer’ and of us as ‘cops on your payroll.’ After Police Officer Rick refuses to take a bribe, a shooting ensues. The duo of cops turns to him and Cop Morty says, “Not so big right now, is it?” Big Morty responds perfectly: “I never was! It was figurative!”

6. Hammerhead Morty

Hammerhead Morty wants more

On Rick and morty, you don’t always need dialogue or story relevance to have a lasting impact. This precept is valid for Hammerhead Morty, whose head, as the name suggests, is a real hammer. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. When C-137 Morty gives an animated talk, Hammerhead Morty declares, “I am more than just a hammer!” Hammerhead Morty yearns for more. His plight is identifiable to anyone who has been typecast or discarded. It is later wielded as a weapon before being killed.

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5. Hit Morty

Cop Morty on patrol

Cop Morty is a corrupt police officer in the mold of Denzel Washington’s character in Training Day. He is a jaded Morty who hates himself beyond salvation, often calling his own kind “yellow shirts.” Cop Morty is the mentor of an idealistic rookie Rick, changing the usual power dynamic at play. Patrol the dark belly of Morty Town, surveying the streets through the cold, cynical eyes of a gray-haired veteran. Cop Morty is on the line, regularly resorting to violent means to deal with “animals without Rick” as he sees fit. Caught in a stalemate, Cop Rick asks Cop Morty not to kill Big Morty. Embodying Mr. White at the end of Reservoir dogs, Cop Morty just can’t do it.

4. Attorney Morty

Lawyer Morty gives advice

It’s not even accurate to call this charming little rascal a lawyer. You just dress as one. When Morty is arrested by the Council of Ricks, he protests that his trial is a sham, as his lawyer is a Morty. The Council agrees: “It is not fair, you have no rights and he is not a lawyer. We left him here because he is fun. Watch him go.” Lawyer Morty dances a bit and throws his papers in the air. This cheerful boy is too precious to the Citadel, he simply wants to share his pog collection with the world.

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3. The only true Morty

Morty's only true prophecy

The Good Morty predicted that one day The One True Morty would return and bring salvation. In “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”, a group of enslaved Mortys pray that The One True Morty will release them and stop relying on Ricks. Morty from Dimension C-137 arrives and fulfills the prophecy by freeing the scruffy Mortys and overthrowing Evil Rick.

2. Slick, Lizard, Glasses and Morty left-handed

Rick and Morty Stand By Me Boys Camp

This quartet appears in a coming-of-age story that evokes stay by me, Rob Reiner’s film based on the novel by Stephen King. Each of these Mortys is coming to terms with their own sense of identity as they engage in misadventures and mischief. In one day, the group of friends will dissolve into their new Ricks. But before that, his last hurray is to search for the mythical portal of wishes. The four boys form an inseparable bond and find their place in the regime of this friendly new president with Morty.

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1. Evil Morty

Evil Morty is revealed

Morty has a symbiotic relationship with his grandfather. Yes, he’s a useful travel companion at times, but more than that, Morty’s “stupid brainwaves” camouflage Rick’s cool ones, making him nearly invisible. Because of this, Mortys are thought to be disposable. “Mortys have no chance of defeating Rick” was the commonly understood way of thinking, that is, even Evil Morty. He does not stutter. He never says, “Oh my gosh.” This is a different breed of Morty.

This yellow eye patch shirt managed to rise above his position and single-handedly topple full Advice of Ricks just for sheer cunning. Posing as an idealistic politician, this Morty manipulated and tricked the entire Citadel into becoming president-elect. His Palpatine-like rise to power quickly veered toward fascism, murdering any Rick who got in his way. The haunting sounds of “For The Damaged Coda” are played when the new president is revealed to be serial killer Rick from the first season, setting up a final confrontation with Evil Morty as Rick and mortyFinal showdown of the game.

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Honorable mentions

Cronenberg Morty for being the first time the public saw Rick leave a universe for ruining things. Tall Morty, aka Slow Rick, for doing his best to graduate from the Academy. Cowboy Dancer Morty for strutting all his stuff and assuring everyone that his toy guns are just props.

Rick and Morty stars the voices of Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammar, and Sarah Chalke. Season 5 airs every Sunday at 11/10 pm ET / PT on Adult Swim.

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