After leaving Greece on Season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Paget Berry has continued in the yachting industry while experiencing a breakup.

After he left Greece in the first season of Sailing yacht below deck, First Officer Paget Berry has continued to work in the boating industry. During his time on the show, Paget worked side by side with his ex-girlfriend Ciara Duggan. Sometimes they collided while working on deck, but overall, they seemed to have an excellent working relationship. In addition to working alongside his girlfriend, Paget also had Parker McCown as one of his sailors.

During the season, Paget struggled with his deck crew, including Ciara. However, once Parker left and was replaced by Christopher Miller, it seems that the deck team started to get along and began to create a stronger bond. However, the first mate got very close to crew members outside of his team. He and the third Georgia Grobler stew had a bit of a flirtation with each other. In fact, Georgia began to develop feelings for Paget at one point. However, nothing came of their innocent flirtations, and Paget left the ship with Ciara still by his side.

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So what has Paget been up to since leaving Parsafil III? Shortly after the show ended airing, Paget proposed to Ciara while she was in Italy in July 2020. Instagram Page a series of images of the couple kissing and holding a bottle of champagne to celebrate the happy news. Shortly after their engagement, the couple broke up, as Ciara landed a job as a head chef on a 58-meter sailing yacht in Scotland. Not long after that, the two reunited in France. After a nine-month commitment, Us weekly confirmed in April 2021 that the two had separated.

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Ciara revealed the news on social media after a fan commented on her photo and asked if she and Paget were still together. “Not,“she replied, pointing,”Things happen. We are still on good terms and wish each other the best.. “The couple began dating in 2016 when Paget was working on Ciara’s family ship. They dated for almost five years before leaving. However, the end of their relationship doesn’t seem to be holding Paget back. Instagram of himself on Trinidad and Tobago and Antigua and Barbuda. In addition, there are several posts about her incredibly difficult workouts. In fact, Paget loves to exercise, as she considers it one of the best therapy sessions she has ever had.

Paget’s life has been through many ups and downs since he left Greece after the first season of Sailing yacht below deck. A year after the show was filmed, he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, they lived together in a foreign country, and eventually experienced a breakup. Perhaps Paget will return for season three and allow viewers to meet Paget as a single man.

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Sources: Paget Berry / Instagram, Us weekly

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