The Netflix show Sexy Beasts has created quite a stir with its promotional trailer. Meet the show’s hilarious host, Rob Delaney.

Sexy beasts It will be the strangest show on Netflix, and fans are wondering who the narrator of the future hit show is. Storyteller Rob Delaney is on the road, ready to help people on their anonymous dates with hilarious commentary. He seems willing to have fun with the concept, with a dry tone and the power of understatement.

Delaney was born in 1977 and began a career as a comedian. Twitter discovered him around the same time the world discovered Twitter, in 2009, and they responded positively to his style. He was one of the first comedians to use the platform, and that fueled his television and film career. After the 2016 election, he also became an activist, declared himself a Democratic Socialist, and joined organizations like the ACLU. Delaney knows how to keep the line when talking about comedy or serious situations. No one will judge him for appearing in the Tom and Jerry movie because 2020 and 2021 have been strange years together, plus the movie has done well at the box office.

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The Sexy Beasts trailer in Youtube Delaney comments on what he calls the “strangest blind date ever,” as people dressed from head to toe in furry cosplays gather for lunch or a cup of coffee. Some people put all their cards on the table, while a woman speaks enthusiastically and another person says “A ** first, personality later.” Delaney maintains a neutral tone, adding to the discomfort and potential that maybe someone could find their soul mate under all the literally deep makeup. Her voice seems to be perfect for tempering the drama that viewers can feel will bubble up the moment this show premieres. The show’s producers may or may not be scratching the surface that some people prefer to keep the masks and not know what’s underneath. Viewers have commented on this discrepancy at least.

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It’s no wonder interested viewers think Delaney’s voice can counter some of the show’s stumbling blocks or translate some of the weirder moments if the trailer is an indication of what’s to come. He’s had years of experience perfecting refined inflection and intonation, to let everyone know when they should start to panic. It helps that he has a broad performance under his belt, from small parts in shows like puma city to co-create at least one successful TV show, and appear on Deadpool 2. The stand-up comedy has allowed him to assess when to read the room and what tone seems appropriate for the situation.

Catastrophe is Delaney’s best known project, where he served as a co-creator, co-writer and executive producer while playing the character. The show is about what happens when an advertising executive connects with an Irish teacher and they decide to try to make a relationship work when she ends up pregnant. None of their families are embracing the sudden change, and their friends are surprised and concerned that such a rushed romance can last in the long run. The late Carrie Fisher appeared on the series as a supporting character, and the show was her last project. Catastrophe ran for four series in the UK before finishing, between 2015 and 2019.

Viewers’ opinions on the new show are mixed and they are not sure how to respond. At least they have Rob Delaney to lead the way, if they choose to watch. It certainly won’t be like listening to David Attenborough talk about birds or nature, as the animals on his shows seem a little more tame.

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