Christine was the first wife to proclaim that she wanted to end her marriage. It was not one moment, but many that led to her understandable frustration.

Christine Brown of Sister wives She said she always knew she wanted to be a third wife. He thought that by the third wife, everyone was used to the process and there would be less trouble between the wives. You may also have thought that as a third wife, you could be the last wife. Unfortunately, none of those things really happened. She is unhappy in her marriage and seems to be near her breaking point.

For many seasons, viewers expected Meri to be the first to leave Kody. Kody seemed to have ended their relationship and although Meri did try for a while to reconnect with Kody after her cat fishing scandal, many think that Meri has already gotten over Kody. But at the end of season 15 of Sister wivesChristine was so unhappy that she freely declared that she no longer wanted to be married to Kody. For Christine and Meri, now it seems like a race to see which one of them will hit bottom first.

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Christine has already had many moments where her marriage to Kody seemed to be in trouble, starting in season 1. When viewers met Christine, she was very pregnant. As Christine’s due date approached, instead of being by her side, Kody went on a trip to visit his fiancee Robyn. She cried, wishing she could have her husband with her as she prepared to give birth, rather than knowing that he was with another woman. But when Kody is around, he is often no better. During quarantine, when Kody and Christine’s daughter needed surgery, Kody selfishly suggested that her teenage daughter travel alone for serious surgery. When her daughter started crying, Christine instantly became a protective mother and told Kody that this was not happening.

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The worst moments have occurred when Kody decided to move the family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. Christine clearly didn’t want to move. Her children and grandchildren lived in Utah and she didn’t want to stray any further from them. On top of that, she didn’t want to share a house, losing the sense of control she has when she lives alone. Despite all these reservations, Christine kept her mouth shut. She admitted to the cameras “I’m heartbroken all the time, but it all comes down to not wanting to move the ship either and I don’t want my relationship with Kody to be damaged by it. The fact that she thought that telling her husband her honest feelings would damage their relationship and therefore it was better to just accept something she didn’t want was definitely a downer.

Knowing about Kody and Christine’s wedding makes people wonder why they got married to begin with. Kody said in the family autobiography that he thought Christine was overweight and said he was not attracted to her. He said he disliked watching the way he ate. It is unclear why he decided to marry her. Kody said courtships and commitments tend to be quick in polygamy because the longer it goes on, the more difficult it is for former wives. On the unreal ideal of polygamyJealousy is a minor inconvenience that women can overcome, although none of Kody’s wives have been able to show it. It seems that rushing into marriage is something both Kody and Christine regret now. If TLC brings back Sister wives For another season, viewers will be on the lookout for more cracks in the marriage.

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