From the moment Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise, Marvel began printing comics about the Galaxy far, far away. The two properties (and indeed the two universes) are completely separate from each other. But when fans walk into comic book stores and see Star Wars Comics with the same Marvel logo in red and white on the covers, as titles such as X Men Y X-Force, it is inevitable that they will compare the respective powers of the main characters of both franchises.

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The X-Men are Marvel’s most diverse and eclectic group of heroes, and their diverse powers reflect this spectrum. Darth Vader is the greatest villain of all Star Wars franchise, and possibly the most iconic villain in all of science fiction. How would the Dark Lord of the Sith fare against Marvel’s mutant heroes? Depending on which X-Men he’s fighting, the answers can be as shocking as Palpatine’s Force Lightning.

10 He could win: Colossus relies on metal skin, but it’s nothing compared to Vader’s strength powers

Colossus has the power to turn his skin into an almost indestructible metal. He also has great strength, being able to lift and throw Wolverine like a baseball, even though Wolverine’s entire skeleton is loaded with metal.

Colossus would easily mop the floor with a regular opponent in a fair fight. But Darth Vader is not a regular opponent and no fight against him is fair. He would use the Force to break through Colossus’ metal skin like an egg.

9 Could beat him: Magneto could break Vader’s metal suit

Magneto is known as the master of magnetism. He can control metal, bending it at will, and this ability is not limited to ferrous metals either. It can also create electromagnetic force fields around it.

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Darth Vader’s metal body is basically a movable iron lung, or perhaps more accurately, a huge prosthesis that allows him to walk and breathe. He’s shown he’s capable of moving and even fighting multiple opponents when his suit is damaged beyond recognition, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Vader is clad in metal. Magneto would crush the Sith Lord’s body armor like a can.

8 He could win: the iceman is not serious enough to survive

Bobby Drake is known as Iceman due to his ability to turn his body into ice and to do the same with everything around him. He is an Omega-level mutant, capable of altering the Earth by plunging it into a new Ice Age. He is also an impulsive and carefree fool.

Simply put, Vader wouldn’t give Bobby the time to really fight. Before Iceman knew how to take things seriously, he would already be lying on the cold stone of a morgue.

7 Could Beat Him – The storm could strike down the Sith Lord with lightning

Whether or not Storm is an Omega-level mutant seems to be a point of contention among X-Men fans. However, he has shown that he can defeat Omega mutants. And he could defeat the Dark Lord of the Sith.

One reason for this is that Darth Vader is particularly susceptible to enlightenment, as evidenced by Emperor Palpatine’s use of the Force beam on him. All it would take to win a fight would be for Storm to unleash some thunder on Vader, and he would soon be a charred smoking mess even worse than it was after his defeat on Mustafar.

6 He could win: Wolverine’s entire body could be manipulated with force

Wolverine heroes reborn

Wolverine is the best at what he does, and what he does is kill people. Or, more specifically, killing people with its adamantium claws.

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Those claws, and the rest of the adamantium encasing its skeleton, could probably support a lightsaber blade. However, Darth Vader could use the Force to crush Wolverine’s adamantium skull, driving shards of metal into his brain. That kind of injury is not one that healing powers can overcome. But some might doubt whether the Force could damage adamantium, even Force powers as powerful as those possessed by Darth Vader. If that was the case, then there would be another possibility: Vader could use the Force to take control of Wolverine’s body and force the mutant to cut himself with his own adamantium claws.

5 I could beat him: Jean Grey’s telepathic and telekinetic powers surpass almost any force user

Jean Gray is one of the most powerful mutants in the entire Marvel Universe. His telepathic and telekinetic abilities allow him to do almost everything a Jedi Master or Sith Lord could do (although there are some exceptions).

Any battle between her and Darth Vader would be close, but the end result would always be the same: Jean standing over the shattered body of the Sith Lord. This is especially true if she was in control of the Phoenix at the time.

4 He could beat: Namor the Sub has many powers, but none are a match for Vader

Namor the submarine

Namor is the king of Atlantis. It has strength, endurance and agility, flight, water breathing, mastery over aquatic life, and even aquatic abilities. He is known for shouting the slogan “Imperius Rex!”, Which roughly translates from Latin as “the King of the Empire” or “the Ruling King”.

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While Namor is powerful, he would quickly discover what real power is and what a truly powerful Emperor is capable of, simply by taking on the metal clad executioner of the Galactic Empire. When it comes down to it, both men are powerful, but neither of Namor’s abilities give him an advantage over Vader.

3 Could beat him: Emma Frost could torture Vader with traumatic memories from his past

Emma Frost Savage Avengers

Emma Frost has two powers: she can turn her body into a diamond and she is a powerful telepath. Plus, you have enough personal wealth that it basically counts as a superpower, though you rarely turn to it (and you wouldn’t need to here).

Ultimately, the main reason Emma Frost would triumph over Vader is that the easiest way to beat him is to get into his head and torment him with memories of his past. Having to remember intimate moments he shared with Padmé or the kindness his mother showed in raising him would be enough to incapacitate him, and as long as he was depressed she could end him.

two He could beat: Warpath just isn’t in the same league as the Sith Lord


James Proudstar is also known by the nickname Warpath. He grew up on an Apache reservation in Arizona. He has superhuman physical attributes such as strength and speed, as well as the ability to fly. On top of all this, he is a skilled tracker, a master of melee and deadly combat with the pair of adamantium combat knives that he wields.

Honestly, Warpath could take down a lot of the Jedi and Sith to have appeared in the Star Wars franchise, and given his incredible fighting skills, he probably wouldn’t even need his powers to do so. But Warpath and Darth Vader are not in the same league.

1 I could beat him: Charles Xavier is the most powerful telepath in the world

Charles Xavier from X-Men

Charles Xavier is the most powerful telepath on Earth. A powerful telepath could bring Vader down by tormenting him with memories of all he had lost since he fell to the dark side.

The simple truth is that Vader’s mind could not hope to take on someone like Professor Charles Xavier. In fact, Xavier could probably turn Vader away from the dark side, largely purging the hatred and pain from the Sith Lord’s thoughts and allowing him to once again return to being Anakin Skywalker.

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