The TLC reality series Welcome to Plathville makes for a lovely watch for fans of shows revolving around family drama. In this case, the Plath family includes an ultra-conservative couple who impose a wide range of restrictions on their children.

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With the family restricted from using cell phones or getting a traditional education, Ethan Plath’s destiny changes forever when he marries Maria. The latter ends up making her husband and siblings increasingly outgoing, much to the dismay of Ethan’s parents. The drama that follows forms the rest of this ridiculously true story. Here are a few more selections of family-driven reality shows that would amuse you. Welcome to Plathville fans.

10 Breaking Amish (2012-2014) – TLC

Breaking Amish at TLC

Anabaptist communities such as Amish and Mennonite groups can often promote values ​​that would not fit into conventional and modern ways of life. In the context of Breaking Amish, four Amish and an adult Mennonite take a short break from their family life to move to New York. As they are introduced to an entirely new culture, these cast members are equally surprised and amused. As the seasons progress, they have to face the decision to accept life in the city or to return home.

The TLC original garnered a cult fanbase and even paved the way for the spinoff series. Return to Amish.

9 Family or Fiancé (2019-) – The Oprah Winfrey Network

A couple sitting on a sofa as a family or fiance

Love between romantic partners can transcend marriage. However, sometimes families who disapprove of partners can become a major obstacle for the couple to take the next big step. Family or fiancé brings together the families of these couples, giving both partners three days to change the opinion of their parents and relatives.

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To further the discussion, relationship expert Tracy McMillin also offers her unbiased advice on each episode. Ultimately, at the end of the three days, the couple must be faced with the choice of choosing the wishes of their family or their so-called ‘soul mate’.

8 Pawn Stars (2009-) – Story

The cast of

The popular History Channel show Pawn stars stars Rick Harrison and his family as they document the day-to-day activities at their famous Las Vegas pawn shop. While his clients bring him all kinds of antiques and souvenirs, Rick relies on different methods to analyze the value of each item.

When they are not busy at work, the Harrisons generally tease each other and engage in personal conflicts that unfold as comic relief. A notable character in this regard was the late Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison, the founder of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

7 Alaska Bush Village (2014-) – Discovery Plus

The main cast of Alaskan Bush People

Discovery Alaska Bush Village it is often marketed as a reality show despite having evidently written elements. It focuses on the Brown family, as their patriarch, the natural Billy Brown, wishes to live in the Alaskan wilderness. Their adventures and misadventures in survival are later mentioned when the Browns part ways with modern society.

Despite the exaggerated nature of the family’s actions, Alaska Bush Village it serves its purpose of providing enough entertainment. With over 100 episodes, the series has had a 12-season run thus far.

6 United Bates Of America (2012) – Hoopla

The United Bates ofAmerica set

Living in the hills of Tennessee, a conservative Baptist couple raise a family of 19 children. His trials and tribulations in dispensing family values ​​and spreading his love of music are what is covered in the show’s 8-episode season. Rather than focusing solely on the parents, each child is given the time necessary to strive to develop their individual personalities.

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United Bates of America eventually gave way to a longer series, Bringing Up Bates, which continues to recount the coming of age of the Bates family.

5 90 Day Boyfriend (2014-) – TLC

A 90 Day Fiance poster featuring one of the show's couples.jpg

90 days Groom follows a unique concept for a marriage reality show. As the title suggests, a couple receives an ultimatum to marry despite geographic limitations.

To elaborate, the couples chosen for the show include Americans who are dating people from a foreign territory. When the latter finally meet their partner on a K-1 visa, they must decide whether they want to marry or return home. The 90-day period continues to serve as the final trial period for your relationship.

4 The Chantel Family (2019-2020) – FuboTV

Pedro Chantel Jimeno The Chantel family

90 day fiancé Alumni Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno agreed to spend the rest of their lives together following the events of the aforementioned reality show. However, since Chantel had lied to her parents about Pedro being an international student on a student visa, she must reveal the truth to her unsuspecting family. Boundaries are tested and trust issues explored as the couple struggles to gain approval from Chantel’s family.

Not only is The Chantel family a gift for fans of 90 day fiancé but it also works as an interesting look at relations between countries.

3 Stewarts and Hamiltons (2015) – Apple TV

The main set of Stewarts and Hamiltons

Daughter of legendary singer Rod Stewart, Kimberly Stewart strives to make peace between her own family and that of her mother Alana Stewart’s ex-husband, George Hamilton.

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Although it was canceled after a season, Stewarts and Hamiltons It was an interesting subversion of the Hollywood lifestyle, as Alana Stewart tries to prevent her children from falling for the temptations of celebrity life. Meanwhile, Kimberly and her siblings try to find their own identity away from their father’s fame.

two Duck Dynasty (2012-2017) – Tubi TV

Duck dynasty has turned the Robertson family into mainstream celebrities, in addition to creating a multi-million dollar franchise that includes television products and derivatives. Debuting in 2012, the show primarily focused on the Robertsons’ business, as they operate a company called Duck Commander that makes products for duck hunters.

As his sporting empire grew, personalities such as Duck Commander founder Phil Robertson and matriarch Miss Kay also added to the comedic elements of the show. Getting rave reviews, Duck dynasty it even won the Critics Choice Award for Best Reality TV Series in 2013.

1 Downsizing (2010-2011): The Roku Channel

Reduced Season 1 Poster

After an economic crisis, the Bruces have no choice but to save their money as much as they can. This leads to several new changes in your daily life, such as reduced shower time and less takeout. Can they get back the American dream they once had? This is the central question that the program wants to address.

In addition to providing advice on financial responsibility, Reduced it also offers a solid and relatable look to a family surviving together. This is a drastic change from the usual glamor of family reality TV.

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