Larissa surprised fans with her goddess outfit. Along with many fans, Debbie Johnson couldn’t resist reacting to her shocking appearance.

Larissa Lima has left her stunned 90 day fiancé fans with a beautiful goddess look. She looked so ravishing that her ex-mother-in-law, Debbie Johnson, couldn’t resist leaving a comment. Even though TLC fired the Brazilian bomb, it is still quite popular with 90 day fiancé viewers. She currently has more than 750K followers on Instagram who continue to encourage her to live her American dream. In September of last year, Larissa informed her fans that she moved to Colorado Springs with her boyfriend, Eric Nichols.

However, he did not like the atmosphere of the new state and found it calm and conservative. Working in the glamor industry, she realized that Colorado was not the right place for her. Now, he plans to leave Colorado again. This time, she would update ICE on her move in advance to avoid getting arrested like last time.

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Looks like the mom of two has already moved to Las Vegas. She has posted her shocking new appearance from said city. Larissa she showed her figure in an Egyptian goddess-like outfit. She was wearing a gold-colored bathing suit, complemented by gold chains. Larissa’s stunning makeup suited her unconventional outfit perfectly. She captioned her IG post as “When I arrive it is by popular demand“and tagged the photo studio that took the photo.

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Colt Johnson Larissa Lima In 90 Day Fiancé

Larissa looked so beautiful that Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie reacted by saying, “Absolutely gorgeous.” A lots of 90 day fiancé Fans know that Debbie and Larissa never had a friendly relationship when they lived under the same roof. Colt is very close to his mother and was living with her when his wife desperately wanted him to move out. Eventually, the couple divorced and moved on with different partners. When ICE detained Larissa, many fans thought Debbie and Colt had something to do with it. However, it now appears that the Johnson family does not hold a grudge against Larissa.

The 34-year-old beauty also received tons of compliments from her fans. They wrote, “You look so beautiful Queen “,” That is a great outfit … I need it … you look gorgeous “, Y “Jewelry complements your beauty Larissa. Good photographer too.“Like Larissa, Rose Vega from 90 day fiancé He recently flaunted his biggest transformation yet. She also wore a stunning gold-colored dress with thigh-high slits and wowed fans with her fierce looks. Larissa and Rose are some of those weirdos 90 day fiancé Stars who haven’t appeared on the show recently, but still manage to be quite popular with the fanbase.

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