Final Fantasy 7 Remake already makes some considerable changes to the original FF7’s story, but Sephiroth’s plan is probably very different as well.

The story of Final Fantasy VII Remake it breaks with the narrative of the original PlayStation game in some considerable places. This is most evident by FF7 remakeThe ending, which changes drastically from the original and also hints at some major alterations in future installments of the remake. One of these big changes may be Sephiroth’s true plans, which could differ from what is seen in the original. FF7.

[Warning: Spoilers for FF7 Remake and Final Fantasy VII are below.]

In the original Final fantasy 7Sephiroth’s plan is to steal Jenova, summon Meteor, and destroy Gaia to save her. Sephiroth’s narrative and motives are tricky at times, but the Meteor threat is the plot’s biggest device (it’s even part of FF7logo). On FF7 remake, Meteor is already hinted at in several cases, most notably as the central image in Aerith’s mural and during the film reel, Cloud, Barret and Tifa’s experience in the Shinra building.

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At this point of FF7 remakeIt appears that Sephiroth has manipulated Shinra’s movie to give Cloud and the others a sneak peek of what’s to come. A little later, after Cloud and the group broke the chains of fate and fought against Sephiroth, the famous Final Fantasy The villain divulges part of his plan to Cloud. In the end, he says that he will not kill Cloud, although the reasoning behind this is not fully explained. While many answers about Sephiroth will probably wait until FF7 Remake Part 2 or later, it is already evident that Sephiroth’s true plan may be different from the original. FF7.

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Why Sephiroth’s Meteor Plan in the FF7 Remake May Be Different

FF7 Remake Intergrade Sephiroth Cloud

Introducing Whispers and Fate in FF7 remake it opened the door for multiple timelines and a ton of multiverse theories. A popular fan theory says that Sephiroth travels through time, and it is evident from his lines and actions in FF7 remake who knows more about the events in the original FF7 than the other characters. This makes her decision to show Cloud and the other Meteor in the Shinra building, as well as saying she doesn’t want Cloud “to end“- even more confusing.

Sephiroth brings up ideas of reincarnation at the end of FF7 remake, hinting that he and Cloud have been in an eternal fight, or at least one that has been going on for a long time. So it doesn’t make sense for Sephiroth to show Cloud his Meteor plan and then leave him alive, especially since it seems likely Sephiroth would know the outcome of the last time he summoned Meteor (and when Cloud and the group apparently defeated him). However, Sephiroth makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Cloud to die (anyway).

All of this could mean that Sephiroth’s plan in Final Fantasy 7 Remake it will be quite different from the one seen in the original game. Meteor is such an iconic part of FF7, however, it is likely that it will still appear in remakes. However, this time there may be some major changes to Sephiroth’s plan, especially if he is already aware of his past attempts, as it appears to be. Now that fate has changed, open the door for Sephiroth to finally emerge victorious.

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