Monica and Chandler are often seen as the perfect couple in FriendsFrom the moment they sleep together in London to their fantastic wedding, they are always considered a wonderful couple. Unlike Ross and Rachel, there are no breakups here and their relationship always seems much more stable, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect.

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But even Monica and Chandler have their bad days and times when things just aren’t working out, and as they stick together and fight on the show, there are specific times when they could have been better off getting divorced.

10 Chandler Stars smoking again

Chandler has a problem with smoking all the time. Friends, have an intermittent relationship with addiction. There are times when you smoke a lot, but then you go a long time without smoking. However, when he and Monica try to have a baby, Chandler ends up smoking again.

This is something that Monica is very against, which is an important issue for them and she is furious about the situation. However, the fact that Chandler tries to hide his smoking habit only makes the whole situation worse, adding lies to the stage.

9 Bad post-wedding decisions

Chandler and Ross take pictures and Monica opens the wedding gifts

Getting divorced immediately after getting married would be terrible, but it could have easily happened due to the disaster that occurs immediately after Monica and Chandler’s big day. Chandler makes the mistake of not getting the wedding cameras, and to make matters worse, he and Ross walk into a different wedding and pretend to take all the photos again.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Monica makes the decision to open all her wedding gifts without her new husband. Chandler then returns with all the photos, only to find that Monica found the actual cameras. The two of them screw up the situation, which is not a good way to start the wedding.

8 Monica’s secret closet

Everyone knows that Monica likes everything to be clean and perfect in her apartment, but even Monica needs a place to throw everything, and that is the apartment closet that is locked for the entire show. However, Chandler pushes her to open it to find out what it contains.

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There is a complete lack of confidence in this scenario on the part of both characters, so it is not an ideal sign for their relationship. Monica is unwilling to share things with Chandler, while he does not respect her privacy and the need for a secret.

7 Monica Cleaner

Monica checks her cleanser stain on Friends

When Monica and Chandler make the decision to get a cleaner to help around the apartment, it is something that is supposed to make life easier for them as a couple. However, it ends up highlighting Monica at her absolutely pure worst moment.

She decides in her head that the cleaner has taken her clothes off and then is wearing them in front of her while she cleans the apartment. Instead of letting it go, Monica walks up to her and stares at her, checking everything. It’s all very strange and it certainly is a red flag moment for Chandler.

6 Chandler’s boss problems

Doug from Friends

Chandler can’t choose who his boss is, but at the end of the day, Doug pays his salary and has to be friendly with him. When Monica is introduced to her, it becomes clear that she is not a fan and that is because she is not actually a good person.

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But instead of playing along and just helping her husband impress him, Monica makes life difficult for Chandler. It’s something that could have cost him his job if Doug had been a little more turned on, and Chandler would be within his right to be frustrated with her in this situation.

5 Phoebe introduces a new man

Don and Monica together on Friends

During a time when Chandler points out his lack of faith in soulmates, Phoebe ends up bringing a new man to the group who loves food. In particular, he likes Monica’s food, which makes the two of them have a great connection.

It’s a moment that leaves Chandler shocked and worried, especially when Monica tells Phoebe that she loves him. Obviously Monica was referring to her as a person and not her having a crush on him, but it is a testing moment in their relationship that could have been ruined.

4 Chandler almost ran away before the wedding

Chandler and Monica bridal dance on Friends

While this issue takes place before Chandler and Monica’s infamous wedding, it is something that could have caused them to have a problem afterward. Before the wedding, Chandler becomes very nervous about making the engagement, leading him to almost run away and not keep it.

This could easily have caused Monica to panic after getting married, learning that on the most important day of their lives, Chandler could barely commit to their being together.

3 Flirting with celebrities

Everyone can be in awe when they meet a celebrity and that’s okay, but Monica arguably takes things to the next level when she bumps into someone at one of Joey’s parties. While some viewers may have viewed this as innocent flirting, Monica gets an actor to sign her bra.

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While she doesn’t act on anything or cheat on her husband, and it’s just a signature on a piece of clothing at the end of the day, it’s not a great sign that she ends up flirting as easily as single. which is something that Chandler could easily have hated.

two Monica’s expensive boots

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry as Monica and Chandler in Friends: Monica's Killer Boots

Every now and then people like to splurge and buy an expensive item, and for Monica Geller, that ends up being a pair of boots. Chandler is quite against the situation and makes that opinion very clear, but she goes and buys them anyway.

To make matters worse with Monica, the boots end up being too uncomfortable for her, leading her to forget them. It is clear that they are not on the same wavelength here, and that is a big problem between them.

1 Work in tulsa

Matthew perry

The biggest tension that arises in the relationship between Monica and Chandler is undoubtedly their job in Tulsa. The fact that they end up in a long distance marriage is something neither of them deals with very well, and it is a time when a divorce is more likely.

Not only does it affect Monica in the apartment, but it almost pushes Chandler to cheat on his wife. While it doesn’t end up doing it, and Monica and Chandler are still soul mates, it’s a sign of how easily it could have happened, which many fans saw as a bad sign for the relationship.

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