Fan reviews for Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City are back online thanks to action from their creators, though how long remains to be seen.

Reverse Engineered Fan Versions of Grand Theft Auto III Y Vice cityKnown as re3 and reVC, they are completely back online following a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) counterclaim from the project’s creators. The modernized Grand Theft Auto The games were removed in February, as a result of a DMCA complaint by Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive that allegedly violated copyright.

Together, re3 and reVC took years to develop, and allow for graphical enhancements such as ray tracing and longer draw distances, crucial enhancements given the age of GTA 3 Y Vice city. They have also enabled ports to platforms that Rockstar doesn’t support, namely Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and even PlayStation Vita. A reverse engineering fork GTA The project was restored on GitHub in May after a counterclaim from the DMCA, followed later by another from a developer on a Switch port.

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The creators of the main project filed their counterclaim on June 10 and have since restored their GitHub uploads, according to Eurogamer. DMCA rules stipulate that content must be back online in 10-14 days unless legal action is taken, but Take-Two does not appear to have filed a lawsuit or even sent cease and desist letters. In its GitHub counterclaim, “aap” and other re3 / reVC engineers argued that the code is “either unprotected by copyright or allowed under fair use. “The project leader, aap, further suggested that Take-Two is making money from the project, as users must own GTA 3 or Vice city even to access enhanced games.

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Jump a bike in Grand Theft Auto Vice City reVC

In fact, Take-Two may have taken DMCA action only as a wild response, as part of a broad scope, and / or as a way to set legal precedent. A common view among media owners is that if copyright is not enforced in one case, infringers may exploit it later, rendering copyright claims in similar cases potentially ineffective. One of the proponents of this view is Nintendo, which uses the DMCA to aggressively pursue fan projects for properties ranging from Super Mario to Pokemon Y Metroid.

Not all companies share this position, as being too strict can generate a backlash among the fans who need to survive. It is possible that Take-Two came to this conclusion. In addition to possible new sales of old products Grand Theft Auto games, he and publisher and developer Rockstar Games depend on the money they make from GTA 5 Y GTA Online. There is also the prospect of GTA 6 on the horizon, even though that sequel could still be years from now. It was absent at E3 2021 and may not be announced until 2022 or later, which theoretically gives Take-Two plenty of time to fix any perceived blemishes on its reputation.

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