Marvel just revealed the incredibly powerful monster that Odin banished to Muspelheim, exposing the extent of Almighty Father Thor’s kept secrets.

Warning: Contains a preview of Beta Ray Bill # 4!

Weather Thor may have recently become the new Father of Asgard, that doesn’t mean he knows everything Odinsecrets of, Y Beta Ray Bill # 4 just revealed a hideous monster hidden in the depths of Muspelheim that the God of Thunder should really know about. While the War of the Realms saw Odin relinquish his place to Thor, the two have been at odds ever since. Odin’s secrets recently led to the escape of Donald Blake, Thor’s former human persona, and now the new God of Lies. Thor promised Odin a reckoning for his dark deeds, and Beta Ray Bill has been further exploring the threats that Odin kept from his son.

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Recently, Thor and Beta Ray Bill clashed, with the new All-Father destroying Bill’s hammer, Stormbreaker. Unfortunately, Stormbreaker was the only thing that allowed Bill to return to his most humanoid form, leaving him in the hulking body that he would normally only adopt for battle. Wanting to regain his transformation abilities, Bill embarked on a quest for Twilight, the Sword of Surtur, with Odin directing him to a secret interstellar gate to Muspelheim, guarded by a group of Asgard’s finest warriors.

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In the past, Odin used the Muspelheim gate to get rid of threats that he couldn’t kill or didn’t want the galaxy at large to know about. On Beta Ray Bill # 3, perhaps the most powerful of these threats was revealed, as Beta Ray Bill’s crew chased after the kingdom’s greatest power source, believing it to be Twilight. Instead, they discovered a towering monster veiled by shadows. Now, in a Marvel Comics preview of Beta Ray Bill # 4, the true form of the creature is revealed, along with a terrifying power that explains why Odin hid it in the deepest part of Muspelheim.

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Beta Ray Bill 4 Thor Odin Monster Cover Preview

Beta Ray Bill 4 Advance Thor Odin Monster

Beta Ray Bill 4 preview page 1 Thor Odin

Beta Ray Bill 4 preview page 2 Thor Odin Monster

Beta Ray Bill 4 Preview page 3 Thor Odin Monster

The monster Odin hid is revealed to be a massive, squid-like monstrosity capable of putting biological entities into a trance. Before entering the Muspelheim gate, Beta Ray Bill and his team were warned that everyone who returns makes him change, and that, “A blackened hole burns in his eyes.” It seems that this hideous creature is not only huge, but is capable of warping the souls of those it captures, sending them back to the galaxy as its slaves. As Beta Ray Bill breaks out of his trance by Skuttlebutt – the humanoid AI that controls his ship – he has yet to find a way to escape the supernatural monstrosity and get to Twilight. There is also the risk that the warriors are on the other side of Odin’s gate, who are accused of killing anything that falls under the influence of the creature.

Beta Ray Bill # 4 – from VC’s Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer and Joe Sabino – will arrive on June 30 and hopefully see Thor’s closest ally break free from this incredibly powerful monster in the penultimate chapter of his journey to reclaim his ancient body, or at least come to terms with the one you have. But the series has also explored dark secrets. Odin hid from his people as the ruler of Asgard, showing that when ThorWhen the promised doomsday arrives, you may find that your father has even more motives than you suspected.

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