Batwoman season 2 ended Kate Kane’s final chapter by starting a new one that finally allows the Arrowverse to address their Batman issue.

Warning: SPOILERS for Batwoman end of season 2.

Not only the Batwoman The season 2 finale wraps up Kate Kane’s story, but her next chapter will also directly address the Arrowverse’s Batman issue. Since the Arrowverse began messing with the Batman mythology, The CW has been able to utilize various villains and drop constant Easter eggs, but not use the Dark Knight. Before Batwoman It had been released, the only information about Bruce Wayne was that he disappeared from Gotham City and left his home defenseless against the criminal world. While Warren Christie was cast as Earth-Prime’s Bruce, he has only appeared in a few situations.

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The first time was when Tommy Elliot, aka Hush, changed his face to look like Bruce, and the most recent was when the real Bruce participated in Luke Fox’s state of limbo. Although Batwoman unable to use Batman on a regular basis, due to the character being a favorite for the movies, this has been a plot point the Arrowverse hasn’t adequately addressed since the series premiered. There have been past stories that suggest the possible reason Bruce left Gotham, but never anything concrete. However the Batwoman The season 2 finale may be the first step in fixing the Arrowverse’s Batman problem.

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After Kate regained all of her memories and was freed from Black Mask’s brainwashing, she revealed to Luke, Mary, and Sophie that she was leaving Gotham City. Kate felt like she had done her best to try to help Alice become Beth again, which is why she now wants to try and find Bruce. Tracking down Batman, Kate felt she could forgive herself for not finding her twin sister sooner. Not only the Batwoman The season 2 finale correctly ends Kate’s story, but allows the Arrowverse to address the Batman issue after all these years. Rather than dancing on the subject of “where’s Batman?”, The series is actively tackling him, even if he’s off-screen. It means that there could be an answer to the mystery in the future, potentially in the near future.


Logistically, it’s clear why the Arrowverse can’t use Batman consistently due to Warner Bros. prioritizing him for the big screen. However, it doesn’t erase the fact that Bruce simply wouldn’t leave his city without a solid and credible reason. Almost every version of Batman, be it comics, TV shows, movies, or video games, has established that the reason Bruce became a crime fighter was because his parents were murdered. In almost every story, Bruce has seen how corrupt Gotham City is, which is why Batman was born, in part because he didn’t want another kid to lose his family like he did.

It’s perfectly fine for Batman not to get involved in the Batwoman story because the show doesn’t need him. However, what the series must do is at least justify why Bruce has disappeared. From day one, Bruce has always felt out of place to leave Gotham City without finding a replacement to replace him. While other characters have mentioned that they searched for Bruce, the search should never have stopped. Thanks to Batwoman Season 2, they let go of the perfect character and search for Batman while giving Kate a new chapter that can be tackled off-screen. Kate even theorized in the season finale that maybe Bruce is trapped somewhere and needs someone to come rescue him.

In order to Batwoman Season 3 onwards, the bat legacy officially lives on through Ryan and his version of the bat family. But at the very least, Bruce’s story needs a conclusion if they’re never going to have it regularly. A powerful ending for Batman of the Arrowverse would be if Bruce decided to start Batman Incorporated to create a new generation of Bat heroes around the world. It would have to be after they find Bruce from wherever he is, as it wouldn’t look good if Batman left Gotham unprotected before trying to help the rest of the world. Either way, Kate’s Batwoman ending will ideally lead to the Arrowverse’s Batman issue being fixed and addressed on screen, even for a single episode.

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