Although the movie may not be as good as fans recall according to Reddit, there are plenty of fan theories suggesting otherwise. If there is any movie that was literally made to get people to ponder its meaning, it is Donnie darko.

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Given as Donnie darko Mixing time travel, parallel universes, and ghosts of the future, it’s generally mysterious and thought-provoking, and it’s the theories that surround it that help make it great. With the movie being out for 20 years, it has given many obsessive fans enough time to fully develop some fan theories that are so out there, but at the same time make a lot of sense and are almost impossible to fault.

10 Donnie wanted to die

Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko

Since the movie is so confusing that even Jake Gyllenhaal still doesn’t get it, some theorists have come up with some extremely plausible explanations for what ultimately doesn’t seem to make much sense in the movie. One of the biggest questions fans have about the movie is why didn’t Donnie send the artifact to a different location so it wouldn’t die.

But this fan theory might have cleared it upas he explains that the teenager actually wanted to die and that he knew that the artifact that killed him was his destiny, so he let it happen.

9 Was dead the whole time

Donnie Darko (2001)

There’s a fan theory that suggests the main character was dead the entire time for every movie in the world, but it actually makes a lot of sense when it comes to Donnie darko. The theory continues to explain that Donnie was too Earthbound because he wanted to experience something he had never had.

The Reddit user claims that Donnie traveled within God’s channel, allowing him to see the future and what his life would be like if he didn’t die, and then he experienced what he never had: existence and love. .

8 It’s a time loop

Although the time travel movie flopped at the box office, it has become a huge cult hit, and that’s largely due to how unique it is as a time travel movie.

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But this theory postulates that it is not that unique and that it is actually a narrative similar to Groundhog Dayas it explains that Donnie is stuck in a time loop, just like Phil from the classic 80s movie. It also explains the moment when Donnie looks up at the sky and laughs, as he knows he survived the last loop, though does not remember everything completely.

7 Grandma’s death was also a living receiver

This theory suggests that like Donnie Darko, Grandma Death was also a living receiver. But unlike Donnie, Grandma Death survived after saving the universe. This theory explains much of the mystery surrounding the character, as her survival in the tangent universe might not have led to her death, but it could be what led to her losing her mind.

And it also explains how she wrote the book too, specific pages of which can even be read in the director’s film cut.

6 It’s a reversed version of It’s a Wonderful Life

The family that celebrates Christmas in It's A Wonderful Life.

In what is one of the strangest theories about the science fiction movie, he argues that Donnie darko in fact, it could be a reversed version of It’s a wonderful life. The theory makes perfect sense, as in the classic Christmas movie, an angel shows a man how terrible the lives of his friends and family would have been had he not been born.

On Donnie darkoIt is almost the opposite, as Frank, a man dressed as a creepy-looking bunny, who could be perceived as a demon, shows Donnie how bad everyone’s life would be if he continued to live. Compare it to one of the most uplifting movies of all time ago Donne darko it seems even more nihilistic, if that’s possible.

5 Donnie is a representation of Christ

Donnie on the porch during Halloween at Donnie Darko

Besides the character being dead all the time, the idea of ​​a movie being a biblical allegory is another common fan theory that surrounds most movies. But again, this mind-blowing makes a lot of sense.

The theory explains that Donnie Darko is a Christ-like figure as he sacrifices himself to save everyone around him. The theory also claims that Frank the bunny is God himself, since he is the one who convinces Donnie to do the things that he does. The amazing part of the theory is that bunnies are a symbol of Easter, the day that Christ rises from the dead.

4 Frank is god

Donnie darko

Being one of the many strange bunny incarnations on the big screen, as it looks almost demonic, it is clear to even the most confused viewer that it must be some kind of non-human entity.

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Although the idea that Frank is God is explained in the theory that Donnie is the representation of Christ, another theory about Frank being God is the closest thing to everything, but confirming it. The theorist points out that after asking if portals can be found in the real world, Donnie’s science professor responds by saying, “Very unlikely, that would require an act of God.” Later in the film, Frank opens a portal in the almost empty theater, which means that he must be a God.

3 It’s a prequel to the Matrix

Jake Gyllenhaal in Donnie Darko

This Redditor unleashes one of the more creative fan theories never, and although there is no way that is true, it is a lot of fun to imagine. The theory goes that Donnie Darko is the previous iteration of the One before Neo. In fact, they support his argument well, as Donnie and Neo’s powers are almost completely aligned.

But after that it all gets a bit more of a stretch as it explains that Frank is a human connected to the Matrix, Grandma Death is a show like Oracle, and Gretchen is Trinity.

two The main consequences of the film are the result of driving while intoxicated

Although the film is full of dense themes, such as time travel, parallel universes, and even ghosts, this theorist believes that the true meaning behind the movie is something as grounded as drunk driving.

They point out that the Middlesex Halloween Carnival at the beginning of the movie is sponsored by Middlesex MADD, which stands for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving. And while he’s never explicitly mentioned that he was drunk, Frank runs over Gretchen at the end of the movie. It’s safe to assume you were drinking under the influence, especially considering you were buying more beer for a party.

1 Gretchen is the death of the grandmother

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jena Malone in Donnie Darko

Although Grandma Death’s real name is Roberta Sparrow, completely different from Gretchen Ross, a theorist thinks they are the same person. They came to that conclusion due to the fact that they believe that Gretchen is also in a time cycle, which ended when she was hit by a car.

And Grandma Death has been in the time cycle for decades, as she has been avoiding being hit by cars all this time. There is some evidence to give credence to the theory, as Sparrow was nearly hit by a car on various occasions throughout the film.

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