Ashley Iaconetti says Bachelorette Katie’s elimination of Thomas is “tough.” She feels like all the guys on the show thought of being The Bachelor.

Ashley Iaconetti, a favorite of Bachelor Nation fans, is hitting High school Katie Thurston for her “Lasted“Elimination of Thomas Jacobs. So far this season, Katie wastes no time with men who incite drama in the house. The troublemakers, including Karl Smith and Cody Menk, have been sent home one by one. However, the way Katie got Thomas to pack and shocked viewers and contestants alike.While Ashley appreciates her no-nonsense journey to find love, she felt that Katie’s approach to Thomas was too much.

On Monday night’s episode, a major topic of discussion among the contestants was Thomas. During a previous group date, he admitted that he thought about being the next Single if it didn’t work out with Katie. After sharing this, most of the men were convinced that Thomas wasn’t there for the right reasons. Several informed Katie of their concerns, leaving her confused. He had feelings for Thomas and didn’t know which side to believe. In an unexpected turn of events, instead of giving Thomas his last rose, she stepped away from him and said, “Your ‘Bachelor’ audition ends tonight, so get out. “Katie called Thomas”selfish, cruel and liar. “

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After the episode, Ashley, who found love with her husband Jared Haibon in Single in paradise, He said ME! she wasn’t a fan of how Katie handled the situation. “I appreciate Katie for the way she doesn’t deal with BS. I love that he is cutting weeds like this every week. If there is any doubt about a boy, she says goodbye, “shared Ashley.”However, I thought it was extra“Ashley went on to say that Thomas surely wasn’t the only contestant to think about being named the next lead.”That was too harsh because all the boys in that house have thought that he could be the future ‘Single. ‘”

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Franchise alumnus Nick Viall recently shared the same sentiment about Thomas. Nick pondered how, when Bachelorette party Andi Dorfman sent him home in season 10, he began to wonder if the producers would invite him back. His reflections came true when he was announced as The Bachelor for season 21. As for Ashley, who appeared in Paradise seasons two and three as a contestant, and in season five as a special guest, she’s also no stranger to multiple opportunities for romance.

While the focus of High school and all its derivatives are to find love, many cast members enjoy fame after the show. Several, including Kaitlyn Bristowe and Hannah Brown, successfully competed in Dancing with the starswhile others, like Tayshia Adams, enjoy lavish lifestyles as Instagram influencers. So it’s hard to believe that none of Katie’s other men considered the benefits they will get, even if she doesn’t choose them. Thomas was simply the only one to admit it.

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High school airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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