Throughout its run, The CW remake of the popular primetime soap opera from the 1980s. Dynasty has done justice to the original. With fresh storylines and modern versions of the main characters, it has put a twist on the indulgent lives of the wealthy Carrington family, leading to some great episodes of the show so far. The main characters are based on the iconic original, many of whom could be considered villains both then and now, from Carrington himself to his friends and foes.

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Bad deeds are usually what make villains so memorable, but in the case of DynastySome of the biggest villains are inherently bad and potentially beyond redemption.

10 Joseph Anders

Anders in suit at the daytime party, looking worried

It might sound strange to call Joseph Anders, who is one of the most likable characters on the show, not to mention one of the best butlers on television, a villain. But, in a way, it is. On more than one occasion, he has followed the line of morality as a result of his loyalty to the Carrington family and, in particular, to Blake.

He fired his daughter, believing the Carringtons were above her. He had an affair with Alexis that led to his son Steven, and then he kept his true paternity a secret for decades. He also disposed of Trixie’s body to save the Carringtons from scandal, and lied about her death. While Anders is not inherently a bad person, he has worked so hard for the Carringtons that they have started to spread it.

9 Claudia blaisdel

Claudia from Dynasty in a red dress

Appearing in the first two seasons, Claudia was part of a story that kicked off the entire series when her husband died at work, an accident that she claims was at the hands of Blake Carrington.

However, as the story progressed, Claudia went from being a character that viewers sympathized with to a genuine villain. It was revealed that she was not only responsible for her husband’s death, but that she had been faking a brain injury for years to prevent him from leaving her for Cristal, with whom she had been having an affair. Her anger was understandable, but how far she went, even pointing a gun at the Carringtons, made her a true villain.

8 Fallon carrington

Fallon in a purple and pink blouse, looking confident

Fallon is not a villain in the other people’s sense; she has a true moral compass and clearly cares for certain people, like Culhane, Monica, and of course her husband Liam. He has also gone out of his way to help his father Blake. Although he claims that it is for the good of the family dynasty, he clearly has affection for his father.

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She wavered between hero and villain throughout the Dynasty series, but Fallon is a villain in a sense that he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. If someone gets on her bad side, she would not hesitate to set them up for failure, as she did with the first Crystal in Season 1. She treats those who work for her or at Carrington Manor poorly, and she never hesitates to do so. throw insults.

7 Jeff Colby

Jeff Colby smiling about Dynasty.

Although his character has been explored in depth, there is still a lot of mystery around. Dynastyit’s Jeff. He swoops in whenever there is an opportunity for revenge on the Carringtons, often making deals for the sole purpose of seeing Blake go down due to their intense personal rivalry. He has fought like a child with everyone from Blake to Alexis, making clandestine deals to give him an advantage.

While, unlike many of the Carringtons, there is an evident goodness in Jeff, he has still made a few moves to satisfy his own need for revenge, such as orchestrating to marry Fallon just so he can infiltrate the Carrington family.

6 Laura van kirko

While Liam may be a solid guy, his mother Laura Van Kirk is a total villain. Not only did he try to sabotage his relationship with Fallon, and even pretended he was dying to get his attention, but he extorted money from Blake, only agreeing to a deal that would save his company if he slept with her.

She is generally manipulative and cunning. While you may not get as much screen time as other characters on the show, when you do, you usually don’t do any good.

5 Dominique Deveraux

Dominique in a fur coat and biker cap

The fact that Dominique picked up and left her children just to fulfill her selfish dreams makes her a villain. But, even after returning decades later, his attention remained focused on his rights as Carrington and not on trying to make amends with his children.

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Dominique is always scheming, trying to find a way to get rich, no matter who she hurts. He even sided with Alexis in an effort to defeat Blake, then switched teams and teamed up with him when it suited him. He is not someone anyone can trust, as Dominique only cares about Dominique in the end. It’s no wonder, then, that Dominique is among the least likable characters in Dynasty.

4 Blake carrington

Blake Carrington from Dynasty sitting at the table, arms outstretched

Blake lives happily in his own world, and while he has some redeeming qualities, he’s also not afraid to commit murder if it suits him. After all, he knows that he has people around him who can make the problem go away. He threatens, intimidates, and conspires to get away with making sure his empire is protected.

As an absent father, Blake focused more on his work than his children. His wife Crystal also left him because he neglected her too. Blake took his villainy to unfathomable levels when he tried to take down his own daughter in his efforts to run the business or start his own.

3 Evan tate

Evan Tate from Dynasty on the phone.

Introduced in season three, Evan initially appeared to be an accomplished attorney who was simply living his life and mourning the death / disappearance of his younger sister long ago. But, he harbored deep resentment for Fallon, though it’s unclear if that only surfaced out of jealousy when she rejected a relationship with him or if it existed all along.

He seemed to have flipped a switch in season four, with the intention of ruining Fallon’s wedding to Liam, and even putting a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her. He also stabbed Kirby, seriously wounding her and leaving her for dead. While it’s unclear whether or not Evan will be seen again, his brazen acts of violence and murderous demeanor make him one of the show’s main villains.

two Adam Carrington

Dynasty's Adam Carrington talking to someone out of frame.

Although Adam was initially presented with psychopathic tendencies, he is possibly redeemable. That being said, no matter how much she seems to love Kirby, it’s hard to forget that she literally shoved her birth mother’s face into the fire and then arranged for plastic surgery to look like Fallon, which turned her into a Dynasty plot twist fans never saw coming.

It is clear that Adam’s bad deeds have not been committed, so it is likely that he will increasingly turn into an evil wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing. You never have a bad day when it comes to your intrigues.

1 Alexis Carrington

There’s nothing Alexis won’t do to put himself on top of social circles, the Carrington Dynasty, and any other mountain he can climb. She only does something if it serves her interests or if it hurts the people who stand in her way. If you can do both, and you often find a way to do it, you will gladly go down that path to kill two birds with one stone.

She shot someone, planned to take over Blake’s Carrington Manor, teamed up with Dominique to get rich, and even married Jeff in a bogus arrangement just so they could match her villainy. She is clever, cunning, clever, and resourceful, which are, in other circumstances, valuable qualities. But, when it really comes down to it, Alexis is the most evil character to appear in Dynasty.

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