The Eternals are treating Iron Man like a toy, using Tony Stark as bait as part of their attempt to stop Thanos from destroying the planet.

Warning: Contains a preview of Eternals # 5!

The Eternal They are using Iron Man as bait in its attempt to stop Thanos destroying the Earth. Granted immortality by the Celestials as part of a cosmic experiment, the Eternals are resurrected upon death through a complex procedure that depends on the “Great Machine”. But in Eternal, From Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, and Matthew Wilson, Thanos has smashed this Great Machine and assassinated Zuras, leader of the Eternals, leaving the remaining heroes to try to stop his plans.

Thanos was born to the Eternals as part of an unfortunate experiment to create more of his race than the hundred beings the Celestials empowered. While Thanos was born with incredible power, he is not a true Eternal, so he should not have been able to access the Great Machine, which has thus far given him access to the secret pocket dimensions of the Eternals and allowed him to teleport via all the world. wreaking havoc. The Eternals have a traitor among them, but until now, they have no idea who he is, and time is running out, because if the Great Machine dies, the Earth goes with it.

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The team formed to find the traitor includes Ikaris, Sprite and Sersi, and the series explores the strange perspective that eternal life brings to these unique beings. Sprite once betrayed her immortal siblings, while Sersi is a former Avenger, but with plans spanning centuries and quirks that have toppled empires, no one’s innocence or guilt can be taken for granted. It is for that reason that despite the world collapsing around him, Sersi makes time to eat with Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, using the hero as bait for an Eternal who has thus far escaped investigation.

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Sersi drinks and drinks Tony Stark, having previously assured the Eternals that she would feed him a warped version of the truth to prevent the Avengers from interfering with his mission. But things turn south when Sersi takes control of Iron Man’s nervous system, revealing that he intends to turn his behavior into puppets and even have him kill Mister Fantastic. As Tony lies drooling, a portal opens behind Sersi and Gilgamesh, also known as the Forgotten One, grabs her. Like Sersi, Gilgamesh has worked with the Avengers in the past and has been conducting a solo investigation into Thanos’ attack. Turns out that’s the only reason Sersi targeted Tony Stark – she’s not really in league with Thanos, but she knew that if she pretended to be, Gilgamesh would take cover to attack her.

Summoning the help of the Superman-like Eternal Ikaris, Sersi finally has Gilgamesh where he wants him, and the team is able to question one of the more optimistic Eternals about what he knows about Thanos and the damage done to the Great Machine. One more time Eternal revels in the inhuman outlook of his long-lived stars, as a hero the likes of Iron Man is treated like a plaything in the internal politics of his investigation.

Hitting physical and digital retailers on June 30 Eternals # 5 you will see the Eternals recruit one of their most powerful members in the fight against Thanos. But how Iron Man observed earlier in the series, something is deeply wrong with the Eternal since his most recent mass resurrection, and even if Thanos is defeated, they may soon pose as great a threat to the world and its heroes as the Mad Titan.

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