Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter and director James Gunn offers to help cover the cost of damage after a family of raccoons destroys a woman’s home.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has offered to help cover the costs after raccoons damaged a woman’s home. Gunn’s work on the Guardians of the Galaxy The franchise prevented a group of lesser-known comics from fitting in with some of the most entertaining characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of all the Guardians, Gunn has spoken many times about how connected he feels to Rocket Raccoon, the furry kleptomaniac with an affinity for prosthetics.

When audiences meet Rocket and his partner Groot, the couple have vowed to lead a life traveling the galaxy, committing crimes and collecting rewards. It’s the latter that leads to Rocket meeting Star-Lord, being arrested by the Nova Corps and sent to Kyln, and ultimately finding the family he never thought he needed in the Guardians. However, when he is not saving the universe in the Guardians of the Galaxy Films, Avengers: infinity war, or Avengers Endgame, the cybernetically enhanced raccoon still finds time to cause mischief by stealing expensive and often obscure things.

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Rocket champion Gunn He recently took to Twitter in response to a user whose bedroom and office were vandalized by a family of raccoons when the roof collapsed. According to Ph.D. student Haley iliff, the Humane Society would not help weed out the raccoons because one of them appeared to be a mother protecting her youth. Iliff shared a series of images of the damage done to his apartment and the raccoons, ending with a total of five finally brought in a box. Gunn, who has championed animal rights issues before, including organizations that help raccoons, said that he “make a donation to help cover costsBefore following Iliff so she could send him a message. Check out his tweet below:

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In response to Iliff’s initial post, dozens of users made Guardians of the Galaxy pranks meant to enlist Gunn’s help to recover Suicide squad premiere tickets the raccoons took away with, which is probably what got the director’s attention. Considering his affinity for raccoons, it’s not surprising to see Gunn offer help in this way, but it’s still good that the director did. It’s unclear if Iliff will accept Gunn’s offer to help pay for the damage, but hopefully there will be an update soon.

Gunn claims to be very excited to finish Rocket’s story in the next Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which makes sense with how much he loves the character. It could be argued that Rocket’s arc has established him as a true leader in the MCU. That said, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him have an even bigger role in the three-school, one that delves into Rocket’s tragic backstory before things are done. Regardless, it’s clear James GunnHis love of animals, good deeds, and good humor has not diminished in his time away from the Guardians.

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