The TNT drama comes from writer Sean Finegan, who will executive produce alongside showrunners Karl Gajdusek and Speed ​​Weed.


Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra are re-teaming for a TNT series based on their hit 2011 action thriller A stranger.

Term broke the news, reporting that Collet-Serra is attached to directing and executive producing the series, which would pick up after the events of the film, and would follow a new main character. The original film found Neeson playing a doctor who loses his memory after a car accident and wakes up from a coma to find that his identity has been stolen and a group of killers is chasing him.

Sean Finegan (Freefall) will write the pilot and executive produce alongside the showrunners Karl Gajdusek (Strange things) Y Speed ​​weed (Arrow) as well as Ethan erwin, Alex Mace Y Hal sadoff from Dark Castle, and Erik olsen (The dirt). Neeson will also executive produce the hour-long drama, though it is unlikely that he will make any kind of substantial appearance.


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The film had a strong cast of international support that included Diane kruger Y Jan jones as well as Frank langella, Aidan quinn, Bruno ganz Y Sebastian Koch.

A stranger written by Oliver Butcher Y Stephen Cornwell who adapted Didier Van Cauwelaert2003 French novel, which was published in English as Out of my head. The film grossed $ 136 million worldwide with a reported production budget of $ 30 million, indicating a healthy profit, even taking marketing and distribution costs into account.

TNT has turned movies into TV shows before, as evidenced by its current drama series. animal Kingdom Y Snowpiercer. The network doesn’t command a ton of original scripted programming, but given Neeson and Collet-Serra’s involvement, I imagine this was a tough show for them to turn down. We’ll keep an eye on the casting as this series unfolds …

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