The Australian government has rated what looks likely to be a new DOOM, though in practice there are more chances than answers for FPS fans.

An unknown id Software title has received a “Mature” rating from the Australian government, possibly hinting that it is new or updated. CONDEMN play. In reality, it is not clear what the product could be, although the circumstances seem to suggest what is to come.

id Software is generally credited with originating the first-person shooter game through 1991 Catacomb 3-D Y Wolfenstein 3D. Another game Earthquake, was responsible for bringing FPS gaming into the polygonal age and making the must-have video card upgrades. In 2021, the studio is owned by ZeniMax / Bethesda, by extension Microsoft, and is most closely associated with CONDEMN. The company is practically unrecognizable from its original form: modern sequels like Eternal DOOM they were made without most of the talent behind the originals, such as John Carmack and John Romero.

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The new game is identified only as “Project 2021B“on a June 28 listing from the Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. The mature rating is derived from the”moderate impact“from the violence of the game, combined with the”slight impact“From its themes and language, it is stated that there are no depictions of sex, nudity, or drug use. That would be consistent with CONDEMN, given its exaggerated gore and setting, it revolves around an invasion by the forces of hell. The only other noteworthy detail mentioned is “online interactivity, “suggesting the possibility of multiplayer, chat and / or DLC.

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Doom 3 Hell Baron on PC

A previous Australian classification, “Project 2021A”, is believed to have become DOOM 3: VR Edition for PSVR. It is possible then that 2021B is a port of the game to other virtual reality platforms such as Oculus Quest, which until now has only had unofficial support. One thing that is guaranteed not to be a sequel to Eternal DOOM – while id has teased the possibility of something happening in the future, Eternallatest DLC, The old gods, part two, was released in March 2021. Any sequel would still be a long way from completion and too much in flux to receive a content rating.

id could hypothetically have a no VR CONDEMN launch to show, or something from another franchise like Fury or Earthquake, but there have been no rumors about it. In fact, the company is likely to have little time for anything other than a port, as it is currently assisting Arkane Studios in Redfall, an open-world cooperative FPS destined for the summer of 2022. That game has been in development for almost four years, but will probably need outside help, as Arkane is also racing to finish Deathloop before the September 14 deadline.

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