The celebration of Pokémon Bidoof Day is a surprise, given the controversial status of the Gen 4 creature. There are several Pokémon more deserving of the holidays.

According to the official Pokemon Twitter account, July 1 will now be Bidoof Day for the foreseeable future. This isn’t the first time The Pokémon Company has paid special attention to the Gen 4 beaver. For example, PokemonThe Twitter feed was filled with Bidoofs on April Fools’ Day. But the Bidoof Day announcement surprised many Pokemon fans. Among the questions that arose in the wake of the tweet, perhaps the most resonant is simply, why Bidoof? Why not another more attractive Pokémon?

Bidoof is undoubtedly popular, and many fans show a sincere and ironic love for Pokémon. He has been a meme among the community for years, as he is extremely weak in games. Pokemon social media will mark the holidays with a waste of “Bidoofers“- presumably various antics from Bidoof. Pokemon goHowever, Bidoof Day promises celebrations beyond just jokes, as it will allow players to earn 8x XP.

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Regardless of Bidoof’s fame (and infamy), many other Pokémon deserve a vacation: tongue-in-cheek Pokémon, funny Pokémon, seasonally appropriate Pokémon, etc. Here are some great candidates The Pokémon Company should consider for your next vacation.

Pokémon that deserve a vacation (that aren’t bidoof)

Bulbasaur in the royal jungle


If Bidoof Day is all about celebrating the spirit of a weak Pokémon, why not go for the ultimate underdog? Magikarp is famous for its utter uselessness; His signature move, Splash, doesn’t even harm his opponent. And yet, after a lot of patience and hard work, Magikarp evolves into Gyrados, which is still one of the most powerful non-legendary Pokémon. Magikarp is the ultimate inspirational story, proof that even those against whom the odds are stacked can eventually triumph. Magikarp has her own adorable song (aptly named “Magikarp’s song“) and an equally adorable mobile game, Magikarp jump, so you should have your own adorable party to celebrate your victories over adversity.


Many winter vacations feature abundant candles and lights, warming the spirit as the days grow shorter and colder. Pokemon you could do this with creatures like Lanturn or Minior, but a more interesting twist would be to focus on Chandelure. The Ghost / Fire type is the source of disturbing Pokédex entries such as, “In houses illuminated by Chandelure instead of lights, funerals were a constant occurrence, or so it is said,” Y, “Being consumed in the flame of Chandelure burns the spirit, leaving the body behind.“Warm candlelight visuals in spooky style could be attractive The nightmare before christmas-Halloween vibes style in December.


Several Pokémon are ready to announce the arrival of summer. Eldegoss It would make a lot of sense, since the Pokémon do spread nutrients to the plants, but it doesn’t match the popularity of Bidoof. Bulbasaur, a beloved and iconic Gen 1 Pokémon that grows as the sun nurtures the plant within the bulb on its back, could work in its place, serving as a fun little metaphor for the transition period between winter and summer.

For now, most Pokemon Fans can try to embrace this July 1 Bidoof Day in hopes that more holidays will follow. There are more than twice as many Pokémon as there are days on the calendar, so not all Pokémon can enjoy their own vacation. But surely there is room for more than Bidoof.

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