A surprising mutant caused Nightcrawler to reconsider Krakoa’s first law, giving him more to think about as he creates a mutant religion.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Way of X # 3 by Si Spurrier, Bob Quinn, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Nightcrawler has been struggling with some tough questions during his mission to create a mutant religion. The resurrection, and the callous disregard for death it has created in Krakoa’s youth, has weighed particularly on the most pious mutant of the X-Men. He has been a part of this “new normal” like anyone else.

And in X path # 3, Nightcrawler discovered a new dilemma that complicates his mission. An encounter with his former teammate, Stacy X, prompted Nightcrawler to reconsider his belief in Krakoa’s First Law to create more mutants.

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Stacy X became a major figure in Krakoa under Nightcrawler’s nose. He seems to have completely lost track of her until he found her handing out condoms in anticipation of the post-Hellfire Gala hookups. Nightcrawler was dismayed that he violated Krakoa’s first law. Stacy sarcastically responds by asking if he is Krakoa’s sex sheriff. She responds less jokingly when Nightcrawler calls The Bower, the temple Stacy established for mutants to come for many forms of intimacy, a “brothel in the Garden of Eden.” She beats up Nightcrawler and calls him a “small minded piece of shit”. He apologizes, but still questions the legitimacy of a place that encourages casual sex.

Stacy argues that intimacy is sacred, even if human society forgot, referencing the temple sex of ancient religions. The idea makes Nightcrawler blush, turning her cheeks purple. He can’t get over the idea of ​​circumventing Krakoa’s First Law until Stacy shows him the consequences of making more mutants.

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There is a nursery inside The Bower full of abandoned mutant babies. After Stacy found the first baby under a bush, the rest stayed on the Bower. Some were teleported directly to the nursery. One was left by his parents “as laundry.” The babies are cared for by volunteers in The Bower, including Lost, the traumatized mutant Nightcrawler encountered in the first issue of X path.

Stacy explains the truth to Nightcrawler. Making more mutants on an island paradise populated by beautiful immortals is not a positive in itself. Even if some mutant couples create traditional families, many will be perfectly happy to experience an eternal spring break. Adoption services have not been a priority for The Quiet Council. What Krakoa needs is for his people to care about each other.

No one ever said that establishing a religion would be easy. Nightcrawler’s worldview, already changed by the X-Men’s ascension to functional divinity, continues to be challenged by the realities of Krakoa. His adherence to the law he created during the first meeting of the Silent Council blinded him to its consequences.

Nightcrawler’s knee-jerk reaction to The Bower caused Stacy to play the snake in the X-Men’s Garden of Eden. It turns out he’s fostering the connection between Krakoa’s forgotten mutants, from abandoned babies to mutants falling through the cracks because they’re not superheroes. That could create a schism between Krakoa’s lost mutants and her resurrection-addicted upper class, especially considering how influential Stacy’s pheromone-emitting powers could make her.

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Fortunately, it appears that Stacy will help Nightcrawler on his mission. She shares a drink with the rest of her allies at the end of the issue. She argues that what Krakoa needs more than sex or procreation are connections, so each mutant feels like they are part of “the same story.” Illustrating that, it inspires Doctor Nemesis and Dazzler to dance.

Stacy X is an amazing voice of reason. She was able to make a compelling argument that procreation without intimacy can be as empty as casual sex which horrified Nightcrawler, piercing through his self-righteousness. While Nightcrawler cast her as a snake in the X-Men’s Garden of Eden, she could become a major contributor to his attempt to unite Krakoa under a moral code.

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