The latest issue of Star Wars Adventures revealed that Scarif from Rogue One was the ideal place for Empire soldiers to be stationed.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story.The brief goodbye “in Star Wars Adventures # 5 by Casey Gilly, Butch Mapa, Charlie Kirchoff and Johanna Nattalie, on sale now.

The biomes and environments of the various planets are some of the most fascinating aspects of the Star Wars universe. Outside of the prequel trilogy, the major movie installments mostly focused on desert, snowy, and jungle terrain. While the Prequels went further by including urban planets like Coruscant and the water planet Kamino, it wasn’t until Rogue one that a tropical island-like location was shown on the big screen. Scarif played a vital role in the overthrow of the Empire by the Rebellion. Star Wars Adventures # 5 gave an idea of ​​what daily life was like for Imperials stationed on the planet before the events of Rogue One.

Captain A’Shar Farless had recently been promoted to Captain and Governor Tarkin requested that he be assigned to Scarif. Farless had made a name for himself while still at the Academy. After Farless learned of a ploy against the younger cadets, he effectively led his squad to create a distraction so the cadets could escape the angry villagers. Farless’s ability to inspire his squad led Tarkin to assign him to Scarif.

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Scarif Star Wars Adventures 5 Farless

Scarif’s picturesque landscape made it an ideal place for Imperials to serve. Many even considered it an early retirement. Beauty aside, Scarif served as an extremely valuable planet to the Empire. Scarif’s planetary mantle contained precious metals used in the construction of starships. The planet was also located deep in the Outer Rim, which the Empire considered a perfect location for its security complex. Here they built and designed superweapons and advanced military technology. While many soldiers were happy with their location, the job itself was stressful.

Tarkin and the executives of the Empire were aware of the efforts of the Rebel spies to obtain information damaging to the construction of the Death Star. Tarkin also let Farless know that he was willing to protect the information stored on Scarif at any cost. Farless had been brought in to keep the troops in line, but if he failed and the information fell into the wrong hands, Tarkin would not hesitate to destroy the compound.

No wonder life as an Imperial was stressful, even for those who weren’t forced to serve. Farless enlisted of his own free will and his family entrusted him with a sentinel droid trained in protocol. The droid accompanied Farless during his time at the academy and was expected to join his team on Scarif. Tarkin had other plans. As Farless gave his inaugural address to his new squad, Tarkin left the planet’s surface with the sentinel droid in tow.

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Tarkin is the real threat to Scarif

While Scarif was originally viewed as the preferred destination of the Empire’s soldiers, it became a battlefield in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After Jyn Erso learned that the Empire was maintaining the Death Star’s plans at Scarif’s main security compound, the Rebellion launched an attack to retrieve the information. The rebels were able to successfully steal the plans and pass them on to Princess Leia. This gave Tarkin a chance to show just how far he was willing to go to keep Imperial secrets. He ordered the Death Star to shoot the planet below. Although he was unable to stop the transmission of plans, his attack destroyed the compound and everyone in its vicinity.

Scarif was an ideal place for soldiers to serve, but it still fell under the umbrella of the Empire and would prove dangerous. Due to the high level of information and technology that was developed on Scarif, he was constantly a target for the spies of the Rebellion. The rebels were quick to act when they obtained reliable information. This ended up turning the Empire’s favorite base into little more than a pile of rubble.

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