While the X-Men have had a big screen presence for two decades, some of the original five X-Men haven’t received as much attention as others.

While the popular Marvel mutants known as the X-Men only hit theaters in 2000, a huge multi-movie franchise has developed over the past two decades that explored quite a few characters and storylines, though the series infamously avoided the list of the ones. five original Xs. -Men who were picked up by Professor Xavier in the comics.

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While the original five-member team was not the center of attention for either franchise, each member of the team made their live debut at different points in the series, although some characters received more attention than others. So today we’re going to see which members of the original X-Men roster (including Professor X) had the most movie appearances.

6 Warren Worthington III / Angel received the least attention with only two appearances in live action films

Live-action versions of Warren Worthington Angel from X-Men

Reflecting the comic character a bit, Warren Worthington III / Angel did not receive as much attention as the other members of the original five X-Men, although like the rest of his teammates, his live appearances were filled with tragic moments that they were ripped straight out of the comics.

Ben Foster played Worthington in 2006 X-Men: The Final Decision, whose mutant transformation served as the impetus for the development of the cure that threatened mutant humanity. Foster did well as Angel in his few moments in the film, although the character never officially joined the team in the film. Ben Hardy played a reimagined version of the character in 2016. X-Men: Apocalypse who explored his transformation into the metal-winged Archangel as one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, though he also didn’t join the X-Men in the film.

5 Bobby Drake / Iceman starred in the original trilogy and returned for the fourth time for Days of Future Past.

2000s X Men it did not include Shawn Ashmore’s Bobby Drake as Iceman on the official team, although he did appear as one of the mutant students at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Drake quickly became friends with new student Rogue as she grew accustomed to school, which developed into a lasting relationship that affected her characters throughout the original trilogy.

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He dressed as Iceman for the first time in 2003. X2: X-Men United before fighting with the team in The last battle to complete the trilogy. Ashmore returned with other stars from the original trilogy for the time travel. X-Men: Days of Future Past where his powerful ice form was on full display. While Iceman’s place in the original five was not mentioned in the movies, his importance to the team is reflected in his multiple appearances in the original trilogy and his growth as a full member of the team.

4 Hank McCoy / Beast has appeared in seven movies even though he didn’t appear in full until The Last Stand

Live-action versions of Beast from X-Men

It may be surprising to some fans that Hank McCoy appeared in seven films throughout the series, although he wasn’t always in his lovable form as the Blue Haired Beast that appeared in both trilogies of the film franchise. Steve Bacic played Dr. McCoy in a brief cameo in a television discussion about mutants in X2: X-Men United before Kelsey Grammer took on the role of X-Men: The Final Decision.

Nicholas Hoult later played the brilliant young mutant in 2011. X Men First generation, which explored her subsequent transformation into the Beast and introduced a romantic connection to Mystique. Hoult would help lead the second film trilogy and returned for 2019 X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Kelsey Grammer returned for a brief cameo as the original Beast trilogy in the final moments which revealed the happiest new timeline of Days of future past.

3 Jean Gray has appeared in seven films of two trilogies that have explored the Dark Phoenix saga twice.

Live-action versions of Jean Gray from X-Men

The character of Jean Gray has not only had some of the most realistic appearances in the X Men franchise, but it also received the most development as one of its biggest stories served as the central focus of both trilogies. Famke Janssen first appeared as Jean Gray in the original. X Men before wearing X2: X-Men United. The last battle he reinvented the saga and mixed elements with other stories. He returned for a brief cameo in 2013. Badger as well as a final appearance in the new timeline of Days of future past.

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Sophie Turner played a younger version of Jean Gray in X-Men: Apocalypse which once again sparked his growing powers, though 2019 Dark fenix added a cosmic element to the new adaptation that further developed Jean Grey’s origins as it shut down Fox’s long-running X-Men franchise.

two Scott Summers / Cyclops has appeared in eight films that explored different ages of the mutant leader

James Marsden played Cyclops throughout the original trilogy, though his role dwindled with each subsequent film not fitting well with the comic book’s central role for the characters as the team leader and Professor X’s first and most loyal student. Cyclops was unceremoniously killed in The last battle, although Marsden returned to the role for a brief cameo in Days of future past along with the rest of the cast from the original trilogy.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine featured a younger version of the character played by Tim Pocock whose powers were just beginning to manifest, making him a target for William Stryker and Sabretooth. Tye Sheridan then took on the role to join the new younger team in X-Men: Apocalypse before returning for Dark fenix. Sheridan was also the only original member of the X-Men comic to appear in the 2018 team cameo. Deadpool 2.

1 Professor X is the most prolific film member of the X-Men with eleven live appearances

Live-action versions of Professor X from X-Men

Not surprisingly, Professor Xavier has the most live appearances in the film franchise, as he is the creator of the X-Men and his long history with Magneto served as the basis for both trilogies that led the character to other spin-offs. offs as well. Patrick Stewart iconically played the role in the original trilogy, as well as Days of future past, which merged the characters from both trilogies. He appeared in a post-credit scene of Badger before starring in 2017 Logan, which closed that trilogy.

James McAvoy took on the role of the follow-up prequel trilogy that focused on the beginning of Xavier’s friendship with Magneto and his formation of the X-Men in First class which continued with Days of future past where he met his future self. X-Men: Apocalypse watched him begin to gather another new class of recognizable X-Men that appeared alongside him in Dark fenix. McAvoy also appeared as Professor X in the short but comical X-Men cameo. Deadpool 2.

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