Record of Ragnarok is one of the latest anime adaptations to hit Netflix – here’s everything you can expect from Record of Ragnarok season 2.

Warning: SPOILERS for Ragnarok Record season 1.

The end of season 1 leaves room for Ragnarok Record season 2, and here is everything that is currently known about it. Ragnarok Record Season 1 was met with high praise, and it spent a few days on Netflix’s top 10 list. The series is a Netflix original adaptation of the manga of the same name by Shinya and Takumi Fukui.

In season 1, with the pantheon of gods deciding that humanity has run its course, Valkyrie Brunhilde has convinced the gods to harbor Ragnarok; a series of 13 battles between gods and humanity, with the Valkyries as weapons of humanity. If the gods first achieve seven victories, humanity will cease to exist; If humanity achieves seven victories, it will gain 1000 years of existence.

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In season 1, Ragnarok Record I’ve seen three rounds so far; While humanity suffered two heartbreaking defeats at Lü Bu and Adam, Kojiro Sasaki’s victory against the tyrant Poseidon has revitalized the hope of humanity and the Valkyries. There are still 10 rounds left in Ragnarok, and with the score 2-1 in favor of the gods, humanity needs to secure six more victories to ensure its survival.

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Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Release Date Information

Record of Ragnarok Zeus

At the moment, Ragnarok Record season 2 has yet to receive the green light. Ragnarok Record Season 1 was announced in December 2020 and launched on June 17, 2021. Yes Ragnarok Record season 2 is approved, it will likely require a similar amount of time to produce, which means that Ragnarok Record Season 2 could be released in late 2021. However, with the manga still running, it is more likely that Ragnarok Record Season 2 may have to wait until the manga concludes the current battle if the anime wants to continue the canon source material, delaying Ragnarok Record season 2 even more. With this delay, it is likely Ragnarok Record It won’t be released until 2022.

Record Of Ragnarok Season 2 Story Details

Kojiro Sasaki in Record of Ragnarok

Ragnarok Record Season 1 gave a brief sneak peek of what to expect in Ragnarok Record season 2. At the end of episode 12, the fourth round of Ragnarok was staged. On the side of the gods, Heracles will seek revenge for the Greek gods after Poseidon’s death. On the side of humanity will be the most infamous murderer in history, Jack the Ripper. Ragnarok Record Season 1 featured the first three rounds of battles, so it is likely that Ragnarok Record Season 2 will feature the next three battles in the lineup. In the manga, the fifth round featured Raiden Tameemon, the greatest sumo wrestler in history, and Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. The current battle in the Ragnarok Record The manga, the sixth round, features Zerofuku, the Japanese god of misfortune, on the side of the gods, and Buddha on the side of humanity. Ragnarok Record Season 2 will likely focus on these next three battles.

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