Julia Trubkina enjoys her visit to Russia. He recently attended a Russian bathhouse and showed off his tattoo in an Instagram photo.

Julia Trubkina from 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? He recently enjoyed a Russian bathhouse and displayed a never-before-seen tattoo on his rib. Previously, Julia posted a photo on Instagram revealing that she was leaving the United States. That post sparked divorce rumors between Julia and her husband, Brandon Gibbs. The former go-go dancer does not share a friendly relationship with Brandon’s parents and has been unable to find her own apartment in the United States.

Given the drama that unfolds between the couple on screen, many 90 day fiancé Viewers thought that Julia had finally given up on Brandon. After seeing his solo photo from the airport, fans deduced that he might return to his home country. While Julia returned to Russia, it was not for the reason that fans believed. Julia addressed the breakup rumors and said that Brandon is her soul and that everything is great between them. The 26-year-old beauty also revealed the real reason she’s visiting Russia. Brandon was unable to join her because it was difficult to get the visa and he is quite busy with work.

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Although Julia lacks the love of her life in Russia, she also enjoys precious time with her family. She recently shared adorable photos with her father, who received a lot of love from many. 90 day fiancé fans. Now, Julia posted a sensual photo to show off her slim figure. She wears a floral print off-the-shoulder bikini while showing off her tattoo indicating her love of travel. Julia he has a plane flying in a heart on his ribs. He previously revealed that he has been to several countries, including Turkey, Serbia, Korea, Thailand, Cyprus, and Iceland. Julia has also been to Paris, France, with her parents to meet Brandon’s family.

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Julia captioned the photo, “Russian bathhouse. When we get to Russia together with Brandon we will definitely go here.“A Russian bathhouse is also called a banya, and it is a must-see when visiting the country. Many 90 day fiancé Fans loved Julia’s racy look and tattoo. They left comments like “I’m sure it’s not anywhere near as hot as it is in the States right now. “ Another fan wrote: “I have a heart tattoo in the same place on my ribs.” A third fan congratulated the reality TV star, writing: “You are very sexy, Julia.“Tiffany Franco said”In the second image, it looks like you are about to do something sneaky.

Some curious fans asked about the green stuff on the wooden floor of the bathhouse. Julia explained that they were leaves and that they actually beat her. While this Instagram post became a hit, many fans called Julia’s earlier IG story desperate. He posted a photo of his secret visit to the hospital without revealing much. He reclined on a hospital bed next to an ultrasound machine. Viewers thought Julia was trying to get attention by posting “thirsty“images. Some 90 day fiancé Viewers also felt that she wanted to fuel the pregnancy rumors with Brandon.

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