Varya Malina, 90-day fiancée, has been living in the United States for over three months and now shares a great milestone that she recently achieved.

Varya Malina from 90 day fiancé You are on cloud nine because you finally received your first American document, which is your temporary driver’s license from the DMV. The 90 day fiancé Star recently showed off her stunning hair transformation. Previously, he shared that he lost his Russian driver’s license and that without it he would not be able to drive. She found Uber to be quite expensive and eventually got bored of being stuck at home. So she planned to get her driver’s license in the United States. Previously, the former radio host said she passed the online drug and alcohol test and course.

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The next step for her was to take the road test. She asked her Instagram family for tips on how to pass the driving test as she was so nervous about it. While many 90 days Groom Fans across America gave Varya some helpful advice, others noted that she looked drastically different from her appearance on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 4. Fans commented that 90 day fiancéVarya looked at least 10 years younger after receiving Botox and other cosmetic procedures.

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It seems that the wishes of the fans worked as a lucky charm for Varya because now he got his first American document, which was shared on Instagram. Since he lost his Russian driver’s license, he had to “follow ALL the steps … that a typical American does at the age of 15.“He first took all the required documentation to a local DMV. Then he passed the drug and alcohol course and test after spending $ 12 and four hours on a computer. Once he passed it with 80%, he prepared for the test. of Class E knowledge for a couple of days and passed the test after paying $ 6.

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90 day fiancéVarya recently took the stressful driving test, which lasted less than 15 minutes. 90 day fiancé celebrity Varya added: “In the end it took 5 hours off my life and cost me $ 59.“But Varya’s practical test wasn’t that easy. I was doing it.”the 3 point turn“When he ran a little over the sidewalk. He couldn’t.”he endured the tension and started crying thinking about all the time[s] He had already wasted money and effort.“But the instructor tried to cheer her up, which helped Varya recover and finish the test. Now she has received a temporary driver’s license.

While responding to 90 day fiancé Questions from fans, Varya revealed that she loves living in Florida and that she may be planning to live in the United States forever. However, she did not reveal much about her relationship with her on-screen fiance, Geoffrey Paschel. Since Varya recently went on a date with a mystery guy, it seems like she’s broken up with Geoffrey. The 90 day fiancé Star is also showing her younger self after receiving Botox injections. So it seems that he is also ready to leave his 90 days Groom co-star Varya.

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