Bill Cosby continues to maintain his innocence in a new statement released to the public shortly after the comedian’s release from prison. On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Cosby did not get a proper trial, and the result was that his conviction was completely overturned. Hours later, Cosby was back at his home, where he will spend the night in a warm bed with his days in prison now behind him.

Bill cosby Since then he has issued a statement reiterating once again his innocence and thanking his followers for being by his side. The statement was issued on Ghost dad The star’s social media channels, featuring a picture of Cosby holding his fist in the air in celebration of his release from prison. This is what he wrote in the included caption:

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“I have never changed my position or my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, followers and friends who supported me during this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law.”

A big supporter who has stuck with Cosby throughout this ordeal has been Phylicia Rashad, who played Cosby’s wife for years in both. The Cosby Show Y Cosby. Over the years, Rashad has voiced his support for Cosby, despite receiving criticism from others on social media. After news was announced that Cosby would be leaving the mansion, Ms. Huxtable herself posted a celebratory message on her own Instagram page.

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“FINALLY !!!! A terrible mistake is being corrected – a judicial error is being corrected!” wrote the actress.

In 2017, Cosby was tried for the sexual assault of Andrea Constand in 2004 when the jury stalled. During that trial, only one other accuser was allowed to testify. At his retrial in 2018, the judge allowed five other accusers to testify, and then Cosby was found guilty of the crime and sentenced to serve between 3 and 10 years in prison. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that this testimony was tainted and could be viewed as an attack on Cosby’s character.

Cosby’s attorneys also referred to Cosby’s civil deposition testimony from Constand’s 2005 civil lawsuit against him. At the time, the judge had reached a binding agreement with Cosby that he would not be criminally charged if he provided the statement. Allowing testimony of that statement at the retrial was a violation of the agreement, which was another factor influencing the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to release Cosby.

“The collective weight of these considerations led DA Castor to conclude that, unless Cosby confessed, there was insufficient credible and admissible evidence on which any charges against Mr. Cosby related to the Constand incident could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, “the decision was read by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

What will happen next for Cosby is not entirely clear, but prosecutors may appeal the court’s decision or try to try Cosby a third time. For now, Cosby is a free man and he is certainly celebrating his freedom tonight. This news comes to us from Bill Cosby on Twitter.

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