Black Panther just received a massive cosmic update that gives the Avengers a much-needed weapon against Kang the Conqueror.

Marvel Black Panther just got a massive cosmic upgrade that turns the hero into the Avengers’ best shot against villain Kang and his plans to corrupt the timeline. On Avengers Mech-Strike # 4, Kang the Conqueror seems to have secured victory against Earth’s mightiest heroes. But hope is restored when Black Panther, previously believed to have been killed by the time-traveling villain, returns and reveals himself as the new Herald of Eternity.

In the Avengers Mech-Strike miniseries, the titular super-team fights against a force that released biomecanoids, disrupting the flow of time. In response, Tony Stark builds the Avengers’ custom mechanical suits designed to counter the attack. When Kang is revealed to be the mastermind behind the takeover, he uses his time travel powers to combine multiple timelines at once, leading to chaos and calamity on Earth. To stop Kang, the Avengers teamed up with an alternate universe version of Thanos as they shared the same common goal of stopping the villain for good. Unfortunately, their unlikely partnership doesn’t go as planned.

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On Avengers Mech-Strike # 4 by Jed MacKay, Charles the Great, Guru e-FX, and VC’s Cory Petit, Thanos and the Avengers ambush Kang inside the former super-team headquarters on a fallen Celestial. Thanos immediately attacks Kang, but the villain uses his powers to turn the Mad Titan into a skeleton. Kang sets his sights on the Avengers, who he tells that he can’t wait to finally wipe them out. As the team attacks Kang, the villain is knocked down by a powerful blast. A booming voice says, “Your abuses of time itself have been judged and your punishment decreed,” as Black Panther reveals his new role as the Herald of Eternity.

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It’s a great comeback for Black Panther, who was last seen being disintegrated by Kang the Conqueror after the supervillain first arrived on Earth and let his plans be known. It appears that T’Challa has been chosen by the living incarnation of the multiverse to correct some of the most damaging acts of the timeline, beginning with the collapse of multiple realities of Kang.

Black Panther’s new cosmic powers make him one of Marvel’s strongest heroes. While his powers have not been defined, being the Herald of Eternity likely grants him otherworldly cosmic abilities capable of stopping Kang. What Avengers Mech-Strike reaches its conclusion, the new Herald of Eternity will surely play a vital role in restoring Marvel’s current timeline to the way it should be, which begins with Black Panther undoing all the serious actions that Kang committed throughout the series, if that’s possible. Avengers Mech-Strike Number 4 is already in comic shops.

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