While many fans think that Galactus’ power pales in comparison to the Celestials, he has actually shown that in a direct fight, he is the most deadly being.

As one of the most powerful entities in Marvel Comics, Galactus can overwhelm even the gravest threat, including the almost omnipotent Celestials themselves. While these Celestials are some of the most dangerous beings in the Marvel Universe, many fans mistakenly think that Galactus has no chance against them, when in reality the Eater of Worlds is inherently more powerful than even multiple Celestials working together.

Galactus proved his mettle in Fantastic Four # 602 by Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson, when Marvel’s First Family was embroiled in interstellar warfare between the Kree Empire, the Inhuman Royal Family, and even the Wave of Annihilation led by a recently resurrected Human Torch. This battle threatened to destroy the solar system, so Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman summoned Galactus, who had already promised to help them at the end of all things, to intervene in the cosmic conflict that threatens the world. Galactus arrives, agreeing to handle the Kree but warning that this is not the previously predicted threat for which he has consumed four worlds in preparation. The Kree continue their attack on Galactus, although their weapons are ineffective against the Eater of Worlds.

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But the arrival of four insane celestials from Earth-4280 stops all sides of the conflict in their tracks. A fully charged Galactus stands against his agenda of domination and destruction, and is recognized by the Celestials for the threat he truly is. The Celestials swarm the Devourer, only to be faced by an opponent equal to their power. Galactus manages to keep the beings at bay, even killing one of the four. The remaining three giants use their comrade’s corpse to fuse into a more powerful combined form. This singular entity dispatches the Eater of Worlds, bombarding him with an intense blast of energy and seemingly killing him. In desperation, the Fantastic Four use a weapon known as the Sun Hammer to separate the merged entity, but without Galactus, they are still hopelessly outmatched. But just when all hope seems lost, a grown Franklin and Valeria Richards arrive from the future to turn the tide.

Galactus vs Celestials

This reality warping adult Franklin manages to defeat one of the remaining Celestials, but he too is outnumbered and overwhelmed by the enormity of his power. In a moment of crisis, Franklin uses his power to revive Galactus as his herald, giving the Devourer the power he needs to resurface. This resurrected and empowered Galactus is more than a match for his cosmic foes. He even rips one of the Celestials in half with his bare hands.

While Galactus ultimately needed reinforcements to handle the four fused Celestials, the beings were no match for the World Eater individually, even all of them attacking at once. Killing two Celestials with his bare hands consolidates Galactus as the ultimate powerhouse of the Marvel Universe. The character has often been described as a force of nature, and this conflict shows just how overwhelming Cosmic Power can be. Galactus may need to power up by consuming worlds, but this is a natural part of his biology, and it is clear that even without special preparation, he would be more than capable of defeating a single Celestial unless he was already exhausted.

The The celestials are grave threats on your own. They have threatened the Earth on more than one occasion, and in Amazing Avengers # 22, it took the combined powers of Earth’s mightiest heroes to slow even the descent of Exitar Celestial Executioner towards Earth. With this year Eternal bringing completely the Celestials in the MCU, along with the inevitable introduction of the Fantastic Four and Galactus, it’s only a matter of time before fans see this cosmic conflict on the big screen.

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