Even if game of Thrones Still one of the most popular TV shows of all time, the reaction at the end of the series was mixed at best. There were many aspects of the show’s conclusion that fans criticized and disliked, but without a doubt the most controversial part of the grand finale was Daenerys Targaryen’s dark twist.

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However, while Daenerys was featured as one of the great heroes for most of the show’s run, there were actually plenty of indications that not everything was as it seemed with her. Already in season 1, game of Thrones It had a lot of omens that Daenerys was a villain all the time.

10 Viserys death

viserys targaryen death scene game of thrones

Viserys may only have been around for the first few episodes of the series, but no one was sad to see him go, including Daenerys. She certainly can’t be blamed for wanting her abusive brother to go away forever, but her strange lack of affection when she sees him die in a horrible way was strange. It was also one of the first hints that maybe Dany wasn’t the hero everyone wanted him to be.

Most people would shudder at such a gruesome ending no matter whose death it was, so the fact that Daenerys, cold and unblinking, watched the only remaining family member die was quite unsettling.

9 Visions in the House of the Undying

While many prophetic dreams and visions are meant to be more metaphorical than literal, one of the most blatant cases of omen when Dany’s darkness is turned on. game of Thrones it is his vision in the House of the Eternals.

Although Daenerys and the audience have no idea what exactly this vision means, in hindsight it is obvious that game of Thrones He showed everyone exactly how Dany’s story was going to end from the beginning. His visions coincide with Daenerys’ last scene in the throne room after King’s Landing was almost identically destroyed.

8 The crucifixion of the masters

Daenerys Meereen crucified the masters of Game of Thrones

One of Daenerys worst traits in game of Thrones it was his penchant for brutality over diplomacy throughout his journey to the Iron Throne and Westeros. One of the most obvious examples was when he decided to crucify Meereen’s masters despite being advised against.

The cruelty of the act aside, the show did its best to tell the audience that it had been exceptionally reckless in its choice. Due to his recklessness, he ended up crucifying people like Hizdahr Zo Loraq’s father, someone who really spoke out against the crime that Daenerys ended up killing him for.

7 Your commitment to Hizdahr Zo Loraq

Hizdahr zo Loraq game of thrones

This is actually one of the most interesting parallels rarely noticed in the entirety of game of ThronesBut surprisingly, Daenerys and her relationship with Hizdahr reflects the commitment between Joffrey and Sansa in many ways.

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Hizdahr’s father was a Meereenese nobleman who was executed for a crime he did not commit, and Daenerys ordered her own engagement to Hizdahr to keep Meereen under her control. And, since in this side story, Daenerys plays the role of Joffrey, it should have been a clue that she was going down a dark path.

6 Their threats at the gates of Qarth

Daenerys and her party on the walls of Qarth in Game of Thrones

Daenerys was undoubtedly acting a bit when she tried to intimidate the Thirteen into letting her through the gates of Qarth, and she can also be forgiven for lashing out in frustration when she learned that she and her people would surely die if rejected.

However, it says a lot that as soon as Daenerys felt in danger, her immediate reaction was to threaten to set cities on fire. And it goes even further that this became a constant theme for Dany from then on: almost every time she feels frustrated or looking for an easy way out, her first thought is mass destruction.

5 Burning of the Khals

Daenerys Targaryen unburned in Game of Thrones season 6

Daenerys point of view in game of Thrones it’s a fascinating storytelling trick. Viewers tend to see her as the heroine because she sees herself as one, and they also tend to view the people she kills as villains because she sees them that way.

However, the episode where Daenerys burns the khals and seizes their power is definitely revealing, because she directly claims that she is killing them because they have a power that they are not worthy of, that she thinks she deserves. They may be bad, but she doesn’t kill them because they are evil or because she wants to free the Dothraki; She is killing them because they have something she wants and she has the strength to take it.

4 Her first meeting with Jon

Jon and Daenerys

Daenerys loves that people see her as a hero, but her reaction to Jon Snow when they first met seems to indicate that she loves power so much more. After all, Jon says a lot of strange and strange things to him, but the only thing he seems to focus on is that he is a king and he wants the power that he has.

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While it’s no big surprise that she doesn’t believe him at first, Daenerys is one of the few people in the world who knows for a fact that magic is real, and it’s a sign of things to come. she doesn’t seem remotely concerned about a potentially apocalyptic threat that “her people” might be facing in Westeros.

3 Negotiation at the Dragon’s Pit

Kit Harington as Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Daenerys taking all her strength to King’s Landing for “negotiation” at the Dragon Pit is a bit of a stretch and unseemly for someone who is supposedly acting in good faith. But the really strange thing about this is that it is even happening.

After losing Viserion to the Army of the Dead, Daenerys agrees to fight them before Jon even bends the knee. And yet he’s still trying to negotiate a truce with Cersei as the end of the world approaches, which seems like an obvious indication that the throne still matters to him far more than saving lives.

two Attack on the Lannister forces

It’s completely understandable that Dany was incredibly frustrated because, despite being the most powerful person in the world, Cersei Lannister was simply beating her in her war. However, the Mother of Dragons clearly prioritized revenge over common sense when attacking the Lannister and Tarly forces.

He did his best to burn the supplies the Lannisters had looted rather than taking them for his own forces or saving them for the people of Westeros who will desperately need food in the winter. This seems to be an incredibly obvious omen that Daenerys is more concerned with her own power than being a good queen and leader to her people.

1 The burning of the Tarlys

The death of Randyll and Dickon Tarly was one of the most obvious moments that foreshadowed Daenerys’ dark turn. She proved that she will kill anyone who doesn’t want her to be their queen, regardless of who they are or why they don’t want to be ruled by her.

Randyll Tarly was a terrible person and Dickon might be a bit of a snob, but they almost certainly didn’t deserve to be killed so brutally. But most importantly, Daenerys He did not know whether they deserved it or not. She knew nothing of them other than the fact that they would not bend the knee, and their executions seemed to be a clear indication of what she would do to anyone in Westeros who rejected her.

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Arya hugging Jon and Ned holding her sword

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