When Green Arrow embarks on a makeshift team with a Golden Age Justice Society icon, he witnesses firsthand the secret power of a hero.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Green Arrow’s “Punching Evil” 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular # 1 by Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok and Clayton Cowles, out now.

If there is one superhero from the Golden Age who has served as a mentor figure to an entire generation of heroes who came after him, it is Ted Grant, Wildcat, of the Justice Society of America. Heavyweight boxing champion and WWII veteran, Ted has trained some of the most formidable melee combatants in the DC Universe in the sweet science of boxing, with Batman, Black Canary and Catwoman among his star alumni. And as the Green Arrow prepares for a quick and hard-hitting workout, he witnesses firsthand one of Wildcat’s forgotten superpowers.

As Green Arrow undergoes on-site boxing training with Wildcat, enduring some of Ted’s most devastating boxing moves, the sparring match is interrupted by supervillain Yellow Wasp. While the Green Arrow managed to decisively take down the Yellow Wasp with an improvised stunt arrow, Ted was shot in the forehead and apparently killed right in the middle of the boxing ring. However, before Ollie has a chance to grieve for Ted, the venerable superhero comes to life, evidently healed of all fatal wounds as he brusquely dismisses his recent brush with death and reveals how he was able to rise from an early grave. , alive and well.

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Green Arrow Wildcat Death

Ted reveals that he has been magically gifted with nine lives, true to his superhero nickname, now with six lives after his deadly ambush at the hands of the Yellow Wasp. Towards the end of WWII, during an encounter with the Golden Age wizard Zatara and his former nemesis, King Inferno, Ted was cursed for having nine lives. Upon being killed, Ted comes back to life shaken but without any noticeable physical damage caused by his previously fatal injuries. And more than offering Ted multiple life leases, the curse of the nine lives has served as Ted’s personal fountain of youth.

Despite being about a century old, like many of his fellow Justice Society co-founders, Ted has the physical appearance of a man about half his actual age. For teammates Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, this discrepancy is attributed to their connection to Starheart and the Speed ​​Force, respectively. For Ted, his diminished aging was the result of the curse of the nine lives, with the magical enchantment that kept Ted at the peak of human physical fitness, even at his advanced age, with his superhero career spanning for approximately eighty years as one of the greatest statesmen. heroes of the DCU.

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Green Arrow Wildcat Nine Lives

Ted Grant is one of the best superhero mentors in the DCU and lent his unmatched boxing skills to countless generations of heroes who followed in the footsteps of the Justice Society. And while Wildcat may be more experienced than most superheroes currently in the game, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t suffered fatal injuries over the course of his long career.

While the magical curse guaranteed that Ted would outlive most of his contemporaries, it has given him the opportunity to teach many new heroes and contain to maintain his vitality for decades, ready to take on supervillains and continue to serve as a prominent member of the Justice Society in the relative present of the DCU.

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