It seems like the most serious superhero movies and shows are getting crazier DC Legends of Tomorrow becomes. The series started out as a fairly straightforward time travel story, but by season two, the writers, directors, and cast began to have a little more fun with the concept. Now, Legends of tomorrow it’s not just a funny show, but a critically acclaimed fun show.

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Legends It’s also a show with a high cast rotation, leading to new and different DC heroes joining the team on a fairly regular basis, though the series has started creating new characters rather than playing with the endless toys in the game. DC toy box. But if they were to use the DCU preset characters again to fill the ranks of the Legends, there are plenty of options left.

10 Booster Gold seems like a no-brainer

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Booster Gold

Somehow, it is quite surprising that Booster Gold did not appear in Legends of tomorrow. Like the hero himself, Legends are a bunch of time-traveling fools who don’t really know what they’re doing, so Booster seems to be a perfect fit. Add that Legends It’s probably the closest fans will get to seeing the funniest version of Giffen / DeMatteis from the Justice League in live action, and it becomes even more obvious that Booster should be on the team.

Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood essentially fulfilled the classic roles of Booster and Blue Beetle from the days of the International Justice League, but now that Ray has left the team, there’s a chance for everyone’s favorite hero of the 25th century.

9 Yara Flor is new and full of promise

Yara Flor Legends of Tomorrow

Having made her debut this year, Yara Flor may be new to the DC Universe, but she’s already making big waves, including being considered for her own CW series. Sadly, the series didn’t move forward, but that leaves the character open to joining the Legends and bringing some of that Amazon power to the team.

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In the comics, Yara also plays in areas of the wizarding world that Constantine is not as experienced in, with a focus on South American myths and monsters, so it would help fill in her weak spots.

8 Android Hourman would add something new

Legends of Tomorrow Android Hourman

Another time-traveling hero, the Android Hourman hails from the 853rd century, which is quite a long way off. What would make him a great addition to the team is the inhumanity of the Android Hourman. As an android from so far into the future, this hero would essentially play a role similar to that of Data on. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Someone who is learning what it means to be human and who often doesn’t understand human nature and pop culture references. Also, the Android Hourman has a great look to him, which could really stand out compared to the other members of the Legends.

7 Chronos brings the bad boy action

DC Comics Legends of Tomorrow Chronos

With the announcement that Dominic Purcell would not be a regular cast member starting next season, Legends of tomorrow You need a new criminal to fill Heat Wave’s spot on the roster, and who better than Chronos? Chronos, or more specifically Walker Gabriel, was a time-traveling antihero who would as soon steal Cleopatra’s wig as he would save everyone in Pompeii. Walker’s adventures in the time stream made him an enemy of the Linear Men, and that kind of attitude is the right style for a new member of the Legends.

6 Sue Dibny needs a home

Legends of Tomorrow Sue Dibny

For a while it seemed that Natalie Dreyfuss would join Team Flash as Sue Dibny, the future wife of Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man. Through no fault of his own, Dreyfuss now finds himself making the occasional guest star moment, but the actor is too good to waste it like that. And with Sue Dibny’s criminal past, she has the skills to be a member of the Legends.

The hard part is finding a reason why Sue is traveling through time and space without Ralph, but the Legends the writers have proven time and time again that they are capable of creating ready-to-use concepts that tie everything together, and surely they can do it again.

5 The ambush bug is just plain fun

DC Legends of Tomorrow Ambush Bug

Irwin Schwab, better known as Ambush Bug, is one of DC’s strangest heroes. The green suit hero started out as a Bugs Bunny Style villain who wanted to take down Superman with visual gags and cartoon logic. Over time, Bug joined the angels’ side and had adventures of his own, including battling legendary DC Comics editor Julius Schwartz as he searched for more well-known characters he could work for.

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Ambush Bug would add another wrinkle to Legends of tomorrow if he joined the team; Irwin knows that he is a fictional character, allowing him to do things that other characters cannot, such as reading thought bubbles and narration boxes. On TV, that kind of power would have a completely different style that would be fun to watch.

4 ‘Mazing Man needs a comeback

'Mazing Man Legends of Tomorrow'

Essentially fading after a short-lived series in the mid-1980s, ‘Mazing Man is a character in need of a comeback, and Legends of tomorrow it could be the ideal place to begin your return to the limelight. ‘Mazing Man has no powers and his heroics generally focused on pretty basic things like unclogging a pipe or acting as a crossing guard. With his homemade costume and big dreams of being a superhero, ‘Mazing Man would be a fun and unconventional addition to the Legends. Also, his best friend is a comic book writer who is also an anthropomorphic dog. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

3 Ferro Lad fits the present and the future

Ferro Lad Legends of Tomorrow DC Comics

In the post-Zero hour Continuity of the DC Universe, Ferro Lad was a boy born in the 20th century who joined the Legion of Superheroes and moved into the 30th century. A character from the past who grew up in the future sounds like a perfect fit for Legends, and although Ferro Lad’s power to turn into iron is roughly the same power that Nate Heywood has, they wouldn’t be the first duo to have the same powers on the team, and Nate hardly ever uses his abilities.

two The question would bring some mystery to the team

The question and the DC legends of tomorrow

Besides looking cool, the Question would bring something the Legends could probably use; a member with detective skills. Whether it’s Vic Sage or Renee Montoya under the faceless mask, Question is an attentive style detective who gets too obsessed with theories and knows how to beat up a bunch of baddies.

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The Question gained a new fan base when the character played a major role in Unlimited justice league and appear in Legends he could only harness that impulse. As a bonus, Question would make a good straight man for the comedic tendencies of the other team members.

1 Deadman can increase the creepy factor

DC Comics Deadman and the Legends of Tomorrow

A former circus trapeze artist who was killed during a performance, Deadman was given the power to possess any living being by a god named Rama Kushna to find the person who killed him and obtain justice. Deadman is a ghost that cannot be seen but can possess anyone, making him a great addition to the show without running up the budget too much. The occasional CGI appearance of the actual Deadman before he possesses someone is all the show would need. Add in the creepy look and power of Deadman, and the character would bring a whole new feel to the show.

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