On Mass effect 3Commander Shepard barely had time to deal with the Illusory Man and whatever crazy plans he and Cerberus were trying to carry out. At all times, Cerberus was there, going against all the hard work Shepard put into fostering alliances and building a stronger galactic force to take on the Reapers. Cerberus had almost become an even greater threat to humanity and the rest of the galaxy than the Reapers, and they needed to be stopped.

Admiral Hackett believed that Cerberus might be using a facility called Sanctuary on Horizon as a front for his nefarious plans, but even Hackett couldn’t have imagined what Shepard and his squad found there. To make matters worse, Shepard’s former ally, Miranda Lawson, was there trying to find her sister and expose Cerberus and her father. In a race against time, and Cerberus murders Kai Leng, Shepard fought through a facility filled with Reapers and hideous Cerberus creations to eliminate Henry Lawson and get to the bottom of the Illusory Man’s agenda.

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Mission Mass Effect 3: Arrival at the Sanctuary

Mass Effect 3 Shrine in Horizon

At the landing zone, explore the entrance and watch a Cerberus shuttle crash into the facility before a Harvester swoops in to make sure there are no survivors. As they approach, two Phantoms and a Nemesis emerge from the shuttle crash. If possible, use Shepard’s equipped sniper rifle to take out the ghosts from a distance. Once they’re in charge, grab the 1,500-credit ransom and head inside the facility to pick up a medkit. A short scene shows a Cerberus shuttle flying towards the tower, which becomes the main destination. But first, explore the reception area of ​​the Sanctuary.

Between the desks, there is a PDA and three audio records that shed more light on Sanctuary’s processing protocol. View the 1500 credit inventory log, then go down the stairs to the left. There are two crashed ferries in this area, each with audio records of civilians who traveled to the Sanctuary seeking refuge. Back inside, take note of the dead Cerberus soldiers and the Rachni Ravagers on the ground and carefully proceed to unleash the next battle.

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Take out the Cerberus Troopers and grab the pistol sight in front of the desk, then head left and into the opening labeled “Pool Maintenance.” Before heading to the entrance, there is a console. He agrees to discover a warning from Miranda Lawson (note: if Miranda did not survive the Suicide Mission in ME2, this will be her sister, Oriana, instead), directing people to leave because Sanctuary is not what it seems. After seeing the warning, access the wall safe for 1500 credits and then continue through the entrance on the left.

As you approach the pool, there is a control panel that drains the water and provides a back door to the Cerberus facility. Head down the ladder and move forward as one of Shepard’s squadmates points out that the previously submerged tech is Reaper Tech. Go through the doors and into the second room to find the Rosenkov Materials shoulder plate and a salvage piece worth 1500 credits. Proceed to the next area and go to the console to turn on the power. With power restored, watch the video of Cerberus turning Sanctuary guests into shells and observe the surviving shells right behind the glass.

In the next room there is another video of Miranda, and right behind her Kai Leng can be seen lurking after her. There is also a PDA log that offers more information on the procedure Cerberus has been experimenting with. After accessing the PDA, head to the next area to view two more records by Henry Lawson detailing the deception that draws people to Sanctuary, his own experiments, and the work for the Illusory Man.

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Mass Effect 3 Mission: The Labs

Mass Effect 3 Priority Horizon Banshee in Sanctuary

Those shells Shepard saw will pour in through the doors as soon as they are opened and the squad begins to advance toward the lab. After taking them all out, proceed carefully to the labs, which consist of a long corridor divided into two sections. There are several enemies in this area, including Marauders, a Banshee, and a Ravager. Fight through them and then head to the other side of the room towards the ladder. Within this area are a medicine cabinet and two more records for Henry Lawson, one of them detailing information on Paul Grayson. Head through the door on the right.

It’s time to search the perimeter, which leads to a console with Miranda / Oriana updating her objective, noticing that she’s heading to the tower to disable the comm scrambler. On the left is a data collection worth 1500 credits and a PDA. At the top of the next set of stairs are more enemies, Marauders and Cannibals, and multiple barrier engines. Take them out of the door to avoid being flanked and then go to the right side to collect the M-12 Locust and the shotgun accessory. There is another video record of Henry Lawson and the delusional man, revealing his intention to take control of the shells.

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Go down the ladder and go up for another fight, this time with the Ravagers and the Cannibals. Once they are all dead, the objective changes to “Search Perimeter” again, so enter the lab area. There is a medical station near the door and some research records on the left that can be retrieved for 3000 credits. There is a record in one of the husk tanks that mentions a Reaper weakness. Jump through the space on the walkway and get ready to shoot the tram panel to activate your move to the next area.

Mission Mass Effect 3: Find Henry Lawson

Mass Effect 3 Shrine Henry Lawson and Oriana Lawson

When the movement stops and Shepard reaches the final area, there are two Brutes and a Banshee. Stay under cover and try not to move too fast to avoid facing all three at once. Once they’ve taken them out, grab the medicine cabinet on the left side of the hall, then head down the hall. There is some research data worth 4,500 credits and a hologram pod control switch. Flip the switch, then return to the empty pod to collect the M-99 Saber.

To the right is an elevator that will take Shepard up to the tower. Upon arrival are the sounds of gunfire. He runs to find Henry Lawson holding Oriana at gunpoint. At this point, there are many options depending on the events leading up to the match. If Shepard has a high enough Renegade / Paragon score, they can convince Lawson to let Oriana go. There is an interrupt from Renegade that will allow Shepard to kill him, or they can ignore him and offer him a chance to run for his life. If the second action is taken and Miranda is present, he will bombard his father with biotics, sending him to his death, but not before mortally wounding Miranda.

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There are conditions for Miranda to survive the encounter or not. If Shepard did not complete his allegiance mission in ME2, or they didn’t warn her about Kai Leng before going to the Shrine, she will die. If Shepard did not grant him access to Alliance resources during their meeting at the Citadel apartment, or they did not meet with her, he will die. If Shepard fell in love with her and they made an on-screen break with her in ME3, she will die. But it doesn’t count whether they ended their relationship in the second game or locked themselves into another romance before meeting her at the Citadel.

If Miranda is not present, and Shepard does not have a high enough reputation to seduce or intimidate Henry Lawson, they can shoot Oriana in the leg as a distraction. If Renegade’s actions are not taken to kill his father, Oriana will drag him back and they both plummet to their deaths. Whichever her sister is, she disables the communications scrambler. If it was Miranda and she survived, she placed a tracker on Kai Leng that will help Shepard locate the Illusory Man’s base of operations. If Miranda is absent, Admiral Hackett uses the data found in Sanctuary to locate the Illusory Man.

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