The season 1 finale of Miss Nagatoro! He finds the art club president in trouble for his daring painting, but finds an unlikely ally in Hayase.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Don’t Toy With Me Episode 12, Miss Nagatoro !, which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Miss Nagatoro!The long-awaited school festival finally begins at the season finale. Naoto Hachioji is waging a war with the president of the art club, a stern third-year girl who not approve of his antics with the Hayase Nagatoro team. The club will be closed unless Naoto can put on the best art display, and Hayase is his best ally in this endeavor.

Naoto is still not sure if he can pull it off, but Hayase and his friends have faith in him. They also have a secret weapon up their sleeve, which they have kept secret until the day of the festival. As everything progresses in Episode 12, Naoto can hardly believe what he’s seeing.

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Hayase Nagatoro’s catgirl squad is on the scene

Previously, Naoto’s doubts about his work had almost alienated Hayase, but once they made amends, Hayase figured out the perfect strategy to draw the crowd to Naoto’s display: dressing up in her kitty outfit. And she’s not alone: ​​Yoshi and Sakura wear more cartoonish cat suits and call themselves Torocats One, Two, and Three. Despite Hayase feeling terribly self-conscious, they put on a great show while Gamo acts as the announcer. It’s working: Many students enjoy Torocat Squad’s antics, and they play a game with Hayase making fun of them for their haircuts or other quirks. Meanwhile, the art club president silently and sternly watches all of this, clearly confident that her new nude self-portrait will win the day.

However, the president has a problem. His painting is rated far too high for a high school setting, and the student council demands that he remove it. According to them, the art club president is practically cheating by luring all male students to see his daring painting, a charge that outrages the defendants. That’s when Hayase steps in, and while she’s no stranger to R-rated games, she also wants Naoto to beat the president in her art competition. Gamo and Sakura also speak, showing video evidence of how not everyone was gasping at the president’s self-portrait. Many viewers took it seriously as art. In the end, the student council gives in and the president’s display is saved. He owes his biggest rival a favor.

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Love is the ultimate brush for Naoto

meet the president of the nagatoro art club

The art club president is humbled and impressed, silently grateful for the help. Of course, Hayase and her friends get in her face about this and make sure to punish her for losing the competition (the president overruled the disbandment of the art club as a thank you). Hayase doesn’t have to be the only one dressing up; Soon enough, the president herself is selling merchandise in a bunny costume and is still wearing that outfit when she visits Naoto at his own exhibit while the festival is winding down.

Hayase arrives just in time to hear the art club president finally praise Naoto. Once he sets his eyes on Naoto’s display of Hayase Nagatoro’s paintings of everyday life, he admits that while the work is a bit clunky at times, it comes from the heart, and that’s the most important thing. There is no denying it: Naoto poured a little love into these paintings, and Hayase is deeply nervous, but is unwilling to object.

The art club president wishes them well and leaves, and Naoto joins Hayse and his friends as they head to the auditorium to conclude the festival. Art or not art, there’s no denying the bond they share as Season 1 of Don’t play with me, Miss Nagatoro! wraps up in charming style.

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