The return of Cad Bane features an Easter egg that potentially makes a canceled canon of the Boba Fett Clone Wars episode in the Star Wars timeline after all.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Lot, episode 9, “Bounty Lost”.

Star Wars has recently made the implication that a canceled episode of Star Wars, Clone Wars with Boba Fett it’s actually still part of canon. After having five seasons on Cartoon Network, the animated series was canceled before getting a sixth season on Netflix and a final seventh season on Disney +. However, there were still episodes in the middle of production that were never completed, including an arc that would have seen Boba Fett don his father’s armor for the first time during the Clone Wars. However, the return of Cad Bane in Star Wars: The Bad Lot has apparently confirmed that at least the climactic episode is still part of the Star Wars timeline, as evidenced by an exciting Easter egg.

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In this canceled arc, Boba Fett would have crossed paths with the legendary Cad Bane, the most infamous bounty hunter and gunman during the Clone Wars era. Having met Boba’s father, Jango, Cad, and Boba would have worked together, although Bane’s darker nature would have caused the duo to conflict in the final episode. This would have led to a classic Western showdown, as seen in a pre-rendered clip released by Lucasfilm afterwards. Clone wars‘initial cancellation. In the clip, the two bounty hunters would have shot each other in the head with equal precision, serving as the origin of the large dent in Fett’s helmet. However, the clip ends before either of them get up, and as such, it was largely believed that Fett survived while Bane was killed, allowing Boba to take on the role of the most legendary bounty hunter in the events of the game. original film trilogy (s.

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However, Cad Bane is revealed to be alive and well after the end of the Clone Wars during the rise of the Empire, having been hired by the Kaminoans to capture Omega, the young clone in the most recent episode of The bad lot. Not only that, but it seems that his duel with Boba Fett happened and is part of canon. During his introduction to Omega Bane removes his large hat, revealing a metal plaque on the side of his head, which he did not have during any of his Clone wars appearances. This seems to suggest that he and Fett have already dueled and that Bane survived his own headshot just like Boba did.


Not only is it an exciting Easter egg for Clone wars Y Star Wars fans alike, but it also provides the opportunity for the two epic bounty hunters to possibly have a rematch down the road as Bad batch keep going. It’s doubtful that the galaxy is big enough for the two of them, and eliminating Bane would definitely bolster the reputation Fett is no doubt trying to build during this age of life. Star Wars timeline. Also, given the nature of Omega’s origins and the connection to Boba himself, it is quite possible that an animated appearance of young Boba is on the cards for the new series.

Ultimately, Lucasfilm finds a way to reinstate a canceled episode of Clone wars It’s pretty awesome and smart, and it’s a great subtle service for the fans. Not only that, but Bane took Omega from the Bad Batch Hunter in the previous episode was also a pretty clear homage to the same episode, with a showdown very reminiscent of Cad Bane’s. Clone wars duel with Boba Fett. In any case, we are hopeful that a new duel will take place in its entirety between the two formidable bounty hunters. Star Wars continues the series.

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