Loki’s episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” brings back a popular MCU character who has been missing for far too long, and gives them a sense of justice.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Loki Episode 4, “The Nexus Event”.

Lady Sif Returns Loki Episode 4 finally gave the character a sense of justice in the MCU after being banished by the God of Mischief and not being seen since. Played by Jaimie Alexander, Lady Sif was one of the key components of Asgard in the first two Thor movies, thanks to her close bond with the God of Thunder and to being an incredibly strong and fierce warrior. Unfortunately, Sif’s story stopped after Thor: The Dark World, as she has not been seen in a movie since.

Sif appeared in two episodes of Agents of protection., although its canon status is still debatable at best, but otherwise it has been MIA. Scheduling conflicts prevented Alexander from appearing on Thor: Ragnarok, though Sif was given a brief mention, and it was later revealed that she was among the many victims of Thanos’ snap. While Sif has yet to fully return to the MCU, Loki find a surprising way to bring her back.

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The return of Lady Sif arrives Loki Episode 4, when the cheater, after being detained by the TVA once again, is thrown into a time cell, where he is forced to act out a memory of being painfully beaten over and over again by Sif, in revenge for cut her hair. As well as being a fun nod to Norse mythology, where the story of Loki cutting Sif’s hair originates, it’s also an opportunity for justice and revenge for the character. Sif’s absence from the MCU was explained as Loki banishing her from Asgard while pretending to be Odin, so her return at his expense feels quite appropriate for the character. He may not be returning today (yet, anyway), but he does give viewers a chance to see Sif give Loki what he deserves nonetheless.

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Sif attacks Loki

That’s just one of the reasons it made sense for Marvel to use Lady Sif in this particular sequence. While there would undoubtedly be plenty of other options for the painful memories, her message to him: that he “deserve[s] to be alone and … always will be “ – speaks perfectly of Loki’s current fears. As he begins to form a connection with Sylvie – perhaps the most special bond he’s ever had with another person – it’s timely to recall the loneliness and isolation that helped make him the MCU villain everyone knows. It was also certainly easier to pull off than, say, bringing in Chris Hemsworth’s Thor or Anthony Hopkins’ Odin, who, aside from their busy schedules, would have risked being too big as cameos and overshadowing things. Sif is on the sweet spot of being a fan favorite that audiences have long wanted to come back to, but can fit in well. Lokihistory of.

It’s also a smart move for Marvel to re-familiarize audiences with the character now. Lady Sif will return in Thor: love and thunder, scheduled for launch in 2022, so by re-presenting it at Loki – albeit in a time-looping flashback, so it’s a nice reminder of its existence in the MCU after so long. It remains to be seen if Sif and Loki will have any further interactions, but bringing her back is a huge surprise (even though there were rumors of an appearance in Loki above), makes for a perfect time for the character and sets a greater return to come.

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Loki releases new episodes on Wednesdays on Disney +.

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