First and third person shooter games are styled after some of the most revolutionary games of all time. From the original Condemn and its many clones for Dead space, the shooter genre has spawned a host of iconic games, including modern hits like Apex legends Y Red dead redemption.

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So it makes sense that many movie-based games want to adopt these forms of play as well. Movie licensed games often result in rushed and unpolished experiences, but every once in a while, a gem shines and proves that it can work. In fact, some of the best movie licensed games over the years are shooters too.

10 Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza

John McClane entering the Plaza at Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza

When it comes to Die hard games, most tend to remember Die Hard Trilogy game for PS1. However, there was another game that is often overlooked and that is Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza. The best way to describe it is Half life clone with a Die hard paint work.

It plays almost identical to most shooters from that era, but that’s not a bad thing. Follow the story of the first Die hard movie quite well and offers many exciting shooting sequences. Add in some cheesy impressions of famous actors, riddles, and lots of familiar locations from the movie and Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza makes for a strange but entertaining shooter.

9 Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator Hunting Grounds DLC

For a multiplayer experience, Predator: Hunting Grounds it was a bit messy on the initial release. However, the dedicated team at IllFonic has released many patches and DLC since then, creating a fun experience. For those who don’t know, the game has four human players completing objectives and / or fighting a fifth player as the Predator.

It’s perfect.No, there is still the problem that humans sometimes feel too dominated. However, the gameplay is much smoother, there are plenty of Easter eggs for fans of the franchise, and there is more than one mode to enjoy. Although, it should be noted that Predator: Hunting Grounds has a huge learning hurdle to overcome, which can detract from new players.

8 The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Those who still wait for a room Riddick movie with Vin Diesel apparently out of luck. However, they can play as Diesel himself in the prequel to the original. Black tone known as Butcher Bay Escape. Combining first person shooter action and stealth mechanics, it is a valuable addition to the Riddick universe.

Vin Diesel isn’t the only famous voice, as Cole Hauser returns as Johns, Dwight Schultz plays the Prison Warden, and Xzibit plays a guard. With polished weapons and close combat and beautiful visuals, fans of the franchise ravenously praised the game, so much so that it received a following in the form of Assault on dark Athena.

7 The thing

Fighting a Thing mutation in The Thing 2002

A video game based on The John Carpenter Thing twenty years after the premiere of the film? The project had every reason to be a disaster. Instead, it was clearly designed by fans of the movie who remained loyal to the claustrophobic and paranoid horror and ended up being an unofficial sequel that fans came to love over the years.

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Not only does the player have to deal with the monster, but they must also hold the team of AI companions together or else they might turn on the player out of fear and paranoia. The player can also analyze blood, which can result in horrible encounters with monsters that require burning. It’s everything a fan of the franchise would want in a game based on the movie.

6 GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye Library

GoldenEye 007 It is often rated as one of the best games for the Nintendo 64, if not the absolute best. This is for good reason GoldenEye 007 shooters changed forever; It featured realistic feedback and weapon movement, reinvented multiplayer modes, and balanced it all with a well-done campaign that mixed action and stealth.

GoldenEye 007 it was such a success that it spawned a plethora of James Bond games that would follow its format. It even received a remake starring Daniel Craig’s James Bond and Judi Dench’s M in an almost word-for-word account of the film’s story.

5 Star Wars: Republic Commando

Star Wars Republic Command Delta Squad

There are many games set in the Star Wars universe, but when it comes to shooters, very few match the quality level of Star Wars: Republic Commando. Before The bad lot Once they appeared, the Delta Squad Republic Commandos were the original tough clones sent on special assignments.

Not only do the titular commands have a brilliant voice, allowing them to make an impact on players, but the gameplay is also stellar. The transforming blaster and squad commandos made Command of the Republic more tactical and challenging than an average shooter. This is why the game recently received an HD port for consoles. The only issue that fans agree on is that the campaign is too short.

4 Tron 2.0

Mercury meets Jet Bradley in Tron 2.0

Before Tron: Legacy, Tron 2.0 was the original sequel to the 1982 cult gem Tron. With the return of Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley, this first-person adventure sees Bradley’s son, Jet, entering the Web to prevent a new threat from destroying it.

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This sequel retains the visual style of the first film with a lot of neon combined with red and blue images. It also features the iconic Weapon Identity Disc, new weapons, and light cycles to make you feel like a real Tron sequel while continuing to update it for a more advanced era (at the time).

3 Ghostbusters: The Video Game

The rookie battling Stay Puft in Ghostbusters The Video Game

If anyone has ever wanted to feel like a real ghostbuster, this is the game for them. Fire a pack of protons and catch ghosts while the newbie feels so satisfying with every encounter. To keep things from getting too boring, there are also various proton pack devices for different purposes.

As if that wasn’t good enough, the Rookie is alongside the original four Ghostbusters voiced by their legendary actors in an original story by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. By all accounts this was the original Ghostbusters 3 prior to Ghostbusters: Another Life It was announced. Fans loved it so much that it was one of the few movie-licensed games to receive a remastering.

two King Kong by Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson King Kong Human Survival Gameplay

Using the lack of a HUD, King Kong by Peter Jackson manages to balance action and horror with the cast of the film, including Adrien Brody, Jack Black, and Naomi Watts. Playing as Jack Driscoll, there is very limited ammunition as the player faces giant insects and a plethora of dinosaurs alike.

Dinosaurs, especially V-Rex boss fights, can be downright horrible. The player is also forced to pay close attention, as Jack will audibly say how much ammo is left. Additionally, there are story segments that allow the player to control Kong for equally challenging fights and puzzles. The amazing thing about the game is that, like the movie, it is surprisingly long but never feels boring or lengthy.

1 Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation Tracker Xenomorphic Switch

Technically this is not a great shooter game as the player is mostly device based. However, he still has a pistol and shotgun for certain enemies, so it counts. Alien: Isolation is a contender for one of the best horror games ever created, mixing Survive Y Demonic resident in a sequel to the original Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda is trapped on a space station with the iconic xenomorph stalking her. What are you doing Alien: Isolation the job is the alien itself – it uses revolutionary AI that increases the intelligence of the xenomorph throughout the campaign, forcing the player to evolve as well. As a bonus, the story, puzzles, and other enemies like androids keep the game from getting too repetitive.

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