Given Violet’s story at AHS: Murder House, she seems like a prime candidate for the mysterious new rubber woman from American Horror Stories.

American horror story fans are enthusiastically preparing for the Ryan Murphy spin-off series, American horror stories. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, American horror stories offers an anthology-style show with a twist, with each episode featuring a unique story. While Murphy promises various “horror myths, legends, and traditions,” the actual plot remains vague. However, the trailer features a familiar character, and a new female version, which suggests a possible connection to American Horror Story: Murder House. Given what is known about the Rubber Man, the identity of American horror storiesThe rubber woman seems to be pointing in Violet’s direction.

Who is Violet in American Horror Story?

American Horror Story - Murder House Tate and Violet

Murder house features Violet Harmon (Taissa Farmiga), a misunderstood teenager who feels even more alienated by the family drama resulting from her father’s past romance. Arriving at the house with a story, he runs into Tate Langdon (Evan Peters), another seemingly distraught teenager. The two become involved in a romance that begins to unravel when Violet slowly discovers Tate’s horrible past. Not only is Tate a ghost resigned to haunt the Murder House, he is also a school shooter who murdered 15 students in 1994 before being killed by the police.

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The revelation leads Violet to commit suicide. However, the twist is that she doesn’t remember doing it. Although Tate tried to save her, he failed and hid her body in the access space of the house. Later, she confesses to Violet what happened when her father threatens to take her out of the house, knowing that he can’t because she is a ghost. Just when things seem to be working out between the two tragic and dysfunctional teenage lovers, Violet discovers a truth that she can never forgive. Tate raped his mother disguised as the infamous Rubber Man. He also murdered and sexually assaulted the former occupants and current ghosts, Chad and Patrick. Both incidents confirm that Tate’s darkness extends far beyond the school shooting, and Violet banishes Tate, refusing to speak to him for eternity.

Weather Apocalypse revisit Violet and Tate’s story, it doesn’t really change things. Although Madison Montgomery seemingly convinces Violet to give Tate a second chance, Mallory’s time travel plot makes the apocalypse never happen. As such, neither does Violet and Tate’s reunion. Therefore, entering American horror storiesViolet and Tate have yet to communicate.

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Could Violet be the rubber woman from American Horror Stories?

American Horror Story - Tate and Violet Apocalypse

At this time, little is known about American horror stories‘Mysterious rubber woman. The trailer shows her in a blood-red field before entering a creepy-looking house where she witnesses various horrors. At the end of the trailer, she comes face to face with the Rubber Man and kills him by cutting him with a knife.

Although some characters briefly donned the latex suit in Murder house, including Violet’s father, Ben, is most notably associated with Tate. Given Violet’s bitter resentment towards him, she is likely a candidate for Rubber Woman. He may be seeking revenge for the school shooting, the deaths of Chad and Patrick, and especially his mother’s rape. While it’s easy to associate the latex figure with evil, Violet’s rubber wife may be more of a vigilante. Although, there is also the possibility that his anger and hatred turned into something dark, similar to the origin story of a supervillain.

While there is no way to know for sure who / what role the Rubber Woman will play in American horror stories Until the premiere, the Violet Theory is intriguing. Not to mention, Violet actress Taissa Farmiga is confirmed to appear in the spinoff, though her role is unknown at this time. Those eager to discover the identity of the Rubber Woman will have to tune in American horror stories Or I hope Murphy drops a juicer track.

Created by Ryan Murphy, American Horror Stories premieres July 15 on FX on Hulu.

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