Bluepoint Games has apparently dispelled rumors that PlayStation bought the developer by changing its Twitter bio to not its independence.

Bluepoint games has changed its Twitter bio to make it perfectly clear that it is an independent study, which will likely dispel recent rumors of an upcoming acquisition by PlayStation. There has been a lot of speculation with Bluepoint Games to be acquired by PlayStation in an attempt to acquire some great talent and probably create more remakes for Sony, but that does not seem to be the case.

In what appeared to be an accidental leak, a PlayStation Twitter account posted an image indicating that PlayStation acquired Bluepoint Games. Of course, nothing has really come of this since then, as neither party has made it official, but it does raise the question of why an official PlayStation account had this image made and ready to go. It appears that there are no plans to make an announcement like this as Bluepoint has updated its Twitter to squash rumors and speculation.

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Bluepoint changed his Twitter bio to say he’s a “fully independent self-funded study. “It is unclear exactly when this was added to the bio, but GamesRadar believes it was added sometime between March and the end of June 2021. Either way, it seems to dispel the belief that PlayStation has acquired Bluepoint Games, but it is also possible that there were conversations that failed. Regardless, PlayStation’s purchase of Bluepoint Games makes sense and wouldn’t be too shocking if it eventually happens, even if it’s not soon.

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Unannounced PS5 game in progress at Demon's Souls developer Bluepoint

PlayStation and Bluepoint Games are likely to continue to work closely together in some way, especially after the success of the Demon souls Redo. Bluepoint is well known for its incredible remasters and remakes of games made by completely different studios and its ability to modernize classics without alienating longtime fans. It’s still unclear what Bluepoint Games is working on right now, but being free of PlayStation ownership means the studio can still work with any other studio it wants.

There is a lot of speculation that Bluepoint Games could be remaking Metal Gear Solid, but nothing has been confirmed. Fans are hopeful that the iconic stealth game will receive a new coat of paint with revamped controls and gameplay, making it more accessible to the modern gamer, but it is unknown if Konami is willing to let Bluepoint play with one of its IPs. more important. It will likely be a few years before players find out about the next Bluepoint game, given how recent and demanding it is. Demon souls It was, but whatever it is, it will likely be very special as the studio continues to prove its worth.

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