Captain America gets the origin of Iron Man in a stunning new variant cover celebrating Steve Rogers’ 80th anniversary at Marvel Comics.

A New Marvel Comics Cover Imagine What It Would Be Captain America it seems like it has replaced Iron Man during his infamous origin where he was kidnapped and had to build armor to survive. The latest variant cover by John Cassady and Dave Stewart for Iron Man Steve Rogers’ 80th anniversary celebration shows Captain America in a brand new suit – that’s his own take on Tony Stark’s original bulky armor that helped him escape what appeared to be certain death in his debut number.

On Tales of suspense # 39 by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, Stan Goldberg, Don Heck, and Gene Colan, Iron Man was born. On the issue, arms dealer Tony Stark was captured in Vietnam after sustaining a life-threatening injury. By telling his kidnappers that he would help them build a super weapon, Star actually worked on an armor that could keep him alive. In association with local scientist Ho-Yinsen, Stark built a bulky gray suit that helped him escape and saved his life. The iconic origin was adapted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) wore similar bulky, low-tech armor in his escape.

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This week, Marvel Comics released a handful of new covers celebrating Captain America’s 80th anniversary at the publisher that featured heroes reinvented with their own versions of the classic Steve Rogers ensemble. The cover includes an impressive variant that imagines Miles Morales’ Spider-Man as Iban Coello and Alejandro S├ínchez’s Captain America. Other variants include Black Widow getting her own Captain America costume from Mark Brooks, the Fantastic Four becoming the hero on a Nick Bradshaw and Rachelle Rosenberg cover, as well as Moon Knight getting her own Cap twist on a variant Pepe cover. Larraz. and Mars Grace. While all the covers imagine heroes in their own Captain America armor, the variant of Iron Man imagine the hero replacing Iron Man.

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Captain America Iron Man

In the Cassady and Stewart variant for Iron Man # 10, Captain America receives a suit reminiscent of Tony Stark’s first armor. On the cover, Steve Rogers’ outfit is less tight and bigger than ever. Captain America’s helmet appears to be made of concrete or some other hard material. In the picture, Steve Rogers poses, as his mouth is severely sunburned from the opening in his helmet. It is certainly a different look for the hero.

For readers who want to celebrate Captain America80th anniversary, the covers will begin rolling out later this month. Cassady and Stewart Iron Man Cover # 10 will hit comic shops on July 14, 2020.

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