Ghost of Tsushima has a Director’s Cut on the way, and it includes a new area on Iki Island, where Jin travels to investigate another Mongol invasion.

In August, just over a year since its initial launch, Ghost of Tsushima Director Cut brings new content and features specific to PlayStation 5 to the game. An ESRB rating leaked the Director’s Edition a few days before the announcement, but now developer Sucker Punch has officially revealed everything that will be included. The largest content of Ghost of Tsushima Director Cut It will be a new adventure for Jin to the neighboring island of Iki.

Iki Island is located southeast of Tsushima and also suffered a Mongol invasion in the 13th century. Jin initially travels to the island to investigate the presence of the Mongols, but will find himself involved in a story that will make him face his past once again. The narrative will be totally original and will feature new characters. Beyond this, Sucker Punch has not revealed exact details.

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The Iki Island expansion is not exclusively story related, and it will expand on other aspects of the game as well. The Ghost of Tsushima Director Cut It includes “new environments to explore, new armor for Jin and his horse, new minigames, new techniques, new types of enemies and much more.,” according to Play stations Blog. Also, Iki Island is not standalone and will be integrated into the main story arc. Can be accessed anytime after Tsushima ghostThe second act has begun, even if the players have already completed the story.

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How to access Iki Island in Ghost Of Tsushima

Tsushima ghost Director’s Edition It goes on sale August 20 and can be purchased for $ 60 on PS4 and $ 70 on PS5. Those who already have Tsushima ghost can upgrade to Director’s Edition (that is, buy access to the Iki Island Expansion) for an additional $ 20. From the Director’s Edition It is the first PS5 version of Ghost, it will be a $ 30 upgrade to go from PS4 to PS5 Director’s Edition.

As for the in-game access to Iki Island, the path to the new areas will probably appear as a new tale: the term Tsushima ghost used for his side missions. Reaching Iki Island requires players to complete the first of the three acts in Tsushima ghost, so that the Toyotama region is available. This could be an indication that the enemies on Iki Island will at least pose a respectable threat, as quite a few buffs can be obtained for Jin within Act 1. Ghost of Tsushima Director Cut It launches on August 20, but is available for pre-order now on the PlayStation Store, as well as various retailers, for both PS4 and PS5.

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