Star-Lord’s new powers made him one of the strongest members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the full extent of his powers is still coming to light.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 15 by Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri, Federico Blee, and VC’s Cory Petit, out now.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are staring at one of their most fearsome foes, as the mystical entity Dormammu has emerged from the sinisterly cocooned Ego, the Living Planet. And even though he’s half a universe away, dealing with the aftermath of the X-Men’s recent cosmic expansion, Star-Lord has a good idea what’s going on thanks to his most impressive new power.

After receiving numerous new powers as the Master of the Sun, Star-Lord implies that he has one of the most powerful abilities in the Marvel Universe, cosmic consciousness, in Guardians of the Galaxy #fifteen.

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While Moondragon is busy helping with Korvac’s current problem and the other Guardians await Ego’s resurgence, Star-Lord and Nova are on their way to meet with the SWORD agents. The trip gives them plenty of time to catch up, although the conversation is less. How civil, especially once Nova brings up the topic that Doctor Doom has been given a spot on the team. Star-Lord says that Doom’s threats about an invading threat seemed real to him, thanks to his genuine connection to the cosmos.

From his statements, Quill seems to hint that he has powers of cosmic consciousness, which would provide him with deep insight into how the Marvel Universe works and where he and the Guardians could be most helpful. If you really have these powers then it would give you the same kind of universal pointers that Silver Surfer uses.

While the Peter Quill fans know only made his first appearance during the 2004s Thanos Keith Giffen and Ron Lim’s # 8 story begins long before that. From 1976 Marvel preview # 4 Peter Quill debuted as Star-Lord for the first time ever “Starlord First House: Earth!” by Steve Englehart, Steve Gan and Bob McLeod. In this early, mostly non-canonical appearance, Peter Quill was turned into the Star-Lord by the Master of the Sun, an ancient and benevolent being that exists somewhere beyond dimensions.

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While this experience was long discounted in Marvel’s contemporary timeline, it recently began to creep back into Peter Quill’s life and came to a head last year during Guardians of the Galaxy #9 by Al Ewing and Juan Cabal. After apparently dying during a battle with the Olympians, Peter Quill was transported to the Morinus dimension. There he lived his entire life, finding a new family and a new purpose. This experience could not free him from his visions of the Master of the Sun, which he dismissed as false memories until it was time to return to his own dimension and meet the Master face to face.

The Master of the Sun, having manifested before Peter, transformed him into his namesake as a true Star-Lord. Both Peter and his Element Gun were infused with powerful new abilities during this encounter, but so was Peter. In his current state, Star-Lord is both a roving power plant and a cosmic being, the latter of which places him in incredibly rare company. Even if he’s still getting acquainted with his new status as the Master of the Living Sun, the fact that he’s so in tune with his abilities is the best advantage the Guardians of the Galaxy could have asked for, especially with The Last Annihilation. event looming on the horizon.

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