Iron Man was embarrassed by the arrival of a new Eternals hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but all for good reason.

Warning! Spoilers for Eternal Marvel Comics # 5

With a traitor loose among the Eternals, Sersi just embarrassed Tony Stark for key information on how to find the potential suspect working alongside Thanos. On Eternal # 5, Sersi tricked Tony Stark into having a few drinks so she could shut down her nervous system and make the Forgotten one jump, who was following her. Overall, it was a pretty cunning move.

Sersi is one of the core members of the Eternals, a million-year-old race that is among the most powerful cosmic heroes in the Marvel Universe. Sersi has multiple amazing powers, including the ability to project illusions and use telepathy, as she is capable of implanting memories in other people’s minds. Sersi will debut as the main character in the next Eternal Chloe Zhao’s film, where she will be played by Gemma Chan. Before appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sersi is currently trying to solve the case of a traitor among the Eternals in the comics, who helped Thanos go back and shut down his resurrection machine. His search for answers leads to his former partner, Tony Stark.

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On Eternal # 5 by VC’s Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, Matthew Wilson and Clayton Cowles, the comic opens in New York, as Sersi enjoys a drink with Tony Stark. Suddenly, she begins to tell him that she has been feeding him false data in his quest to keep the Great Machine destroyed and blocks his nervous system. She reveals that Thanos is behind the machine damage and that he will rule Earth when she is done.

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Sersi’s evil twist is quite an elaborate ruse to lure the Forgotten One who had been dodging the Eternals while traveling through the sub-dimensional lair. He appears after hearing Sersi say that he was working with Thanos and demands answers. Sersi, of course, only said that she was responsible for the destruction of the Great Machine to find the Forgotten One and the setup works. Stark was just a pawn in the plan.

Upon returning to Stark, Sersi apologizes for the “Eternals affair” and informs him that they were trying to reveal the Forgotten One for questioning about the destruction of the Great Machine. Tony is surprisingly forgiving, but Sersi isn’t done messing with his mind. She clears her mind of all mentions of Thanos so as not to attract the attention of the Avengers. Sersi leaves Tony, as Iron Man has no idea what really happened in front of him. At this time, Sersi He showed a small part of his incredible powers that helped find the Forgotten One. Unfortunately, Tony Stark the mind was played to make it happen. Eternal # 5 is already in stores.

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