Star Wars has revealed that there was a Jedi legacy that the Emperor did not destroy, eventually bringing down the Empire itself.

Palpatine may have done everything he could to destroy the legacy of the Jedi in Star Wars – but there was a legacy that even he did not erase. When the Emperor came to power in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the SithHe considered it the last triumph of the Sith. He framed the Jedi as the orchestrators of the Clone Wars, posting recordings suggesting that the Jedi had attempted to overthrow the Republic itself.

The citizens of the Empire initially celebrated, believing the lies and propaganda of the Emperor. For the next 20 years, Darth Vader and his Inquisitors scoured the galaxy for survivors of Order 66. Meanwhile, the Emperor himself carefully destroyed all records of the Jedi, with the goal of making it impossible for the Order to revive. But Lucasfilm’s transmedia initiative, Star Wars: the high republic, has revealed that there was a legacy of the Jedi that the Emperor did not erase.

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Bacta is the latest “one size fits all” drug, a liquid that can heal concussions, internal organs, and cracked ribs. Small amounts of bacta are placed on minor wounds and the most seriously injured are immersed in bacta to heal their bodies, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. It was discovered when the Jedi and the Republic advanced to the Outer Rim during the High Republic Era, with a form of barley called Vratixia renanicus as a key ingredient. This strain of barley was initially cultivated on the agricultural planet Hetzal Prime, and was only obtained with the help of the Jedi.

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Star Wars Light of the Jedi cover

By Charles Soule Light of the Jedi reveals the Great Disaster that nearly destroyed Hetzal Prime. A hyperspace disaster caused chunks of a freighter to emerge from hyperspace at the speed of light, and one of those chunks nearly smashed into the system’s star, causing a supernova. Fortunately, and just in time, the Jedi combined their powers to redirect the fragments, saving the entire system and ensuring that the first few bacta crops had a chance to grow. According to Cavan Scott The growing stormIf it weren’t for the actions of the Jedi on Heztal Prime, the galaxy would never have known the medicinal wonder of bacta.

Bacta is the antithesis of everything the Sith ever stood for, a living organism that preserves life and heals the wounded. The Empire appears to have avoided the use of bacta, although Darth Vader routinely dipped into bacta in hopes that it could restore his broken body. He probably had no idea of ​​bacta’s history, of the fact that he was turning to a Jedi legacy to try to heal himself. And, appropriately, without bacta Luke Skywalker would never have survived the events of The Empire Strikes Back – and the Empire would never have fallen. Two hundred years after the Great Disaster, this last legacy of the Jedi brought the Empire down.

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