A creative Pokémon fan has created “Baja Blastoise”, imagining what seafood Pokémon would look like if they were sponsored by the soda.

The last piece of Pokemon fan art features Blastoise, the Seafood Pokémon, and one of the most popular flavors of the popular Mountain Dew soda. While most fan art features Pokémon in unique situations, doing something that they normally wouldn’t or can’t do in games, or are simply depicted in a unique way, this art fuses the Pokémon with a well-known brand. Especially given the current weather conditions in the United States, this seems like an appropriate creation for fans.

The Pokemon series initially released in Japan in 1996 before being released in North America two years later. The games took the world by storm, and many of the original 151 Pokémon quickly became household names. Among them was Blastoise, the final evolutionary stage of the initial Pokémon, Squirtle. As Squirtle was one of the first Pokémon that players can get in the first game of the series, it and its evolutionary stages are hands down favorites for some players. A fan, playing a clever pun, has shown off his new twist on the mighty Water Pokémon.

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Reddit User SarcasticTacos He displayed his artwork, cleverly titled “Baja Blastoise”, imagine the Seafood Pokémon if it were sponsored by Mountain Dew. The name is a combination of “Blastoise” and the popular Mountain Dew flavor “Baja Blast”. A slightly different shade and some additional details differentiate the Baja Blastoise from the regular version Pokemon fans are used to seeing. Instead of its deep blue, Baja Blastoise is shaded in a greener aqua color. The water cannons, which normally adorn his back, are now replaced with bottles of Mountain Dew: Baja Blast. Blastoise also wears a pair of sunglasses backwards, perhaps in a nod to the Squirtle Squad that appeared in the Pokemon anime.

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Pokemon Fan art is certainly nothing new, and neither is fan art of beloved creatures like Blastoise. However, this fan art is unique because it combines a clever pun on the name Blastoise and also gives Pokémon a unique twist that stays true to the essence of the character. Although this combination will likely never happen in the real world, it is not difficult to imagine a marketing campaign that combines Pokémon with various flavors of soda.

Given the massive heat wave hitting the United States, the timing of this fan art is pretty serendipitous. Lots of people want to unwind with a refreshing soda, and Baja Blast has developed a cult following of sorts for its flavor and connection to Taco Bell. Others may want to cool off with a trip to the local pool, and the prospect of being sprayed by one of Blastoise’s mighty water cannons can be inviting (even if the force can be lethal) in the heat. Regardless, many Pokemon Fans would probably love Baja Blastoise to help them beat the heat.

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Fountain: SarcasticTacos / Reddit

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