Jenna MacGillivray appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht during its season premiere. Since then, he has continued to work in the nautical industry.

Jenna MacGillivray joined the cast from Sailing yacht below deck season one as the main stew, and we’re ready to talk about what he’s been up to since the show. After heading to the Parsifal III in Greece, she was introduced to her fellow crew members and one of them wowed her. She and Bdsy Chef Adam Glick were interested in each other, despite Adam’s latest failure “boatmance” with Malia White in Under Deck Med. While she may have gotten along with Adam, Jenna was also friendly to the rest of her crew.

Earlier in the charter season, Jenna, who was close to Paget Berry’s first stew, began to battle her second and third stews, Madison Stalker and Georgia Grobler. Jenna wasn’t very cuddly when it came to her stews and was often quite harsh on them if they weren’t doing their job up to her standards. However, Georgia managed to make amends with Jenna, while Madison was not so forgiving. When it was time for the reunion, Madison was still upset about how Jenna treated her throughout the season.

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After leaving the yacht in Greece, Jenna left with Adam and the two traveled the country together in a van. They had broken up for him Bdsy meeting. At the time, the two were still talking, but their status has changed. During an appearance in Another podcast below deck Last year, the head of stew admitted that she and the chef no longer speak. The former couple even stopped following each other on Instagram. Jenna may still be looking for true love, but that doesn’t stop her from working hard in the boating industry. After taking a short break in British Columbia amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Jenna, who worked with experienced Captain Glenn Shephard, headed to Florida to get back to work.

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According to her @jennathemac On Instagram, Jenna did some charters in Mexico, the Bahamas, and Florida. However, he recently spent some time in Rhode Island, so he could possibly have charted there as well. Aside from Jenna’s various statutes this year, she also started a podcast called Wild lonely. He started his podcast in 2021 and has uploaded a total of 14 episodes so far. In her episodes, Jenna tells different stories of her life, love and travel quest, with a comical analysis of her personal experiences (via Wild lonely). While she doesn’t have guests, Jenna usually spends her episodes talking to her best friend, Josh.

Since it appeared in Sailing yacht below deck, which gets rave reviews from fans of viewers, Jenna has continued to live her life as a sailboat. Even though he had a rough first season, there is a chance that he will return for the third season as the main stew. If you return to the program, you can redeem yourself. Hopefully, you won’t be distracted by a chef while on board.

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